Resources for students on standby at library

By Adonia Burciaga

During the Business Club’s “Speaker Series” last Thursday, Rita Suarez, Instruction Librarian, said students should research a company before applying to any of their jobs.
Suarez said student can use library resources to research careers and companies to help understand what the job or company is before they work for them.
There are many things that students can find out about a company using the databases. These include basic contact, location information, annual or quarterly revenue, Assets, Growth trends, Stock exchange abbreviations, SWOT analysis, number of employees, and portfolio information (for investors) and LinkedIn information.
“Searching up a company before your interview is very important because you could find out how inclusive a company is. Companies always prefer that they are researched before someone is interviewed” Suarez said.
“SWOT analysis is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT is what helps a company be more successful,” Suarez said.
“Students could also do a career research such as Job titles and descriptions, Salary range, required credentials, similar jobs, expected growth or recession, work environment and trends,” Suarez said.
Suarez said the ELAC library’s Business Administration Research Guide was available. Students could use websites like Glassdoor and databases like Gale and EBSCO.
“Another reason it’s important to research a job or company is you may find that they recommend that you have different skills or certifications before applying.
“Working on those kinds of skills or certification could increase the hourly rate of the position,” Suarez said.
Occupational lookout is another resource where students can take a look at the highest-paying jobs, newest jobs and jobs in different fields.
Students can also contact ELAC’s Career and Job Services which is located in E1-176. Students can visit the Career and Job Services website to chat with a counselor, access templates for resumes and cover letters.
Students can schedule a mock interview and explore career options using the following link
The library is now open for students. Suarez said that even though some students are not taking in-person classes they can get assistance from a librarian 24/7 on their website.
“Students can get assistance from a librarian to learn how to use different databases, how to use the ACE log in, and how to access scholarly articles, publications and articles,” Suarez said.
Students can access the Business Administration Research Guide through the ELAC library or using this link

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