Student success is the result of plenty of sleep

By Sophia Martinez

College campuses should have a nap room available for students to enjoy and get some rest throughout the day.
College life can be difficult for anyone. Some college students are usually older-aged and day-by-day have more responsibilities aside from being a college student.
Many students have responsibilities such as looking after sick relatives, others are married and have to take care of a house and kids.
Many more are full-time workers and full-time students simultaneously.
These all cause stress that could lower significantly with a nap room.
A reason to have nap room on campus is as simple as having a rest during a bad day. Another could simply be a chance to take a nap between classes would recharge the batteries.
Lack of sleep increases students’ anxiety and can make it hard for them to concentrate on their education.
Sometimes things happen that don’t allow students to have a good night sleep at home and because of this the day at school can be very difficult.
Feeling tired or overwhelmed at school can result in having students in the classrooms that are not mentally prepared to understand and learn the lecture material.
Having a nap room at East Los Angeles College would make such a great difference in the success of the students.
Many have at least a 45-minute gap between classes that could be used to take a nap and be prepared for the next class.
Napping can help reduce grogginess and give a burst of fresh energy to the body and mind.
Naps can also improve mental clarity and motor skills.
Taking one prior to class can help students pay attention better, and will make them more likely to be involved in class and understand the lesson better.
College is a time where many people feel overloaded with stress and emotions.
Students who find themselves easily irritated or snapping at classmates, it may well be that the cause is a lack of sleep.
While 20 minutes in the afternoon may not seem like enough to make up for missing hours at night, it can really make a difference.
One of the side effects of lack of sleep is to try to compensate for the lack of energy by eating. After the initial energy rush wears off, students are likely to be just as tired as they were before.
They can also feel bloated or nauseous after a meal. Getting enough sleep when you need it makes it much less likely someone would reach for an unhealthy, sugary or fatty snack.
People may be skeptical about students wasting the extra time they have at school taking a nap when they could be studying or doing homework.
When students are tired they cannot concentrate as well as if they had rested. Taking a nap may improve students’ concentration and ability to be successful.

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