Workshop spreads awareness on sexual assault in Greek life

By Anthony Delgado

East Los Angeles Women’s Center had students to learn more about issues that can affect students’ lives.
The was about how Greek life is linked to sexual violence, how it starts, how it is a problem and how it can be avoided.
The speakers were Gabby Orozco and Madelin Melara.
They explained the issues of sexual violence.
The speakers has talked about the influences for sexual violence.
They mentioned ways it can or occurred, such as experiences of childhood trauma, peer pressure, social media, and dating apps.
While they talked about the influences, they stopped occasionally to ask if anyone in the meeting had any questions.
They would also answer questions that were left in the chat and provided answers with suggestions.
The speakers took turns and shared their thoughts as they made it all feel very comforting and incredibly open for everyone in the meeting.
They were kind and respectful toward the situation and those who experienced it.
They gave helpful information, and left students feeling more comfortable as they now knew how to try to avoid the sexual violence that can occur.
The topic they mentioned the most for sexual violence was that Greek life was unsafe and a problem for women.
The speakers shared slides with signs that guys will put for women to welcome them with sexual intentions.
They explained how men were only there to take advantage of women forcefully around the campuses that have fraternities.
The students said they did not like that they cannot fully go out to have fun without having to worry about things like their drinks being spiked.
The meeting soon shifted to ways students can help and reminded them that they are not alone.
They said the campus Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Therapist can support survivors no matter when the incident occurred.
They made sure students understood the DV/SA Therapist was willing to help in person on campus or over the phone.
Students are free to discuss anything relating to relationship abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, gender-based harassment and stalking.
The students even suggested their own tips, to avoid drinking and partying on campus to begin with.
It is challenging as a student to try and only focus on what the campus is there for, which is to receive an education.
The speakers shared resources with links for the students to get help and learn even more on their own.
As well as a link for the domestic shelter’s website and a phone number to call or text for help.
The speakers shared the location for the center, with their emails just in case a student wants to personally ask them a question or wants to learn more.

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