Colleges gather at ELAC campus for transfer fair

By Soleil Cardenas

Sixty-five colleges visited the East Los Angeles College campus at the University Transfer Fair to connect with students who are interested in transferring. 

The transfer center held the event in the Front Quad this past Monday. 

Several different types of colleges attended the event from Cal State Universities, Universities of California, and private schools. Aside from the colleges there was about 5 to 6 ELAC programs who also set up booths. 

These ELAC programs included the Transfer Center, Umoja, and the Pathway to Law School program.

Many Cal State Universities at the event offered informational pamphlets for students to take. Being an affordable option for many California college students, several of the CSU’s booths were packed with students wanting to get more information. 

Cal State Fullerton’s direct liaison for transfers from ELAC to CSUF Britney Lynch advises students to “Get on campus…Go walk around CSUF if you have never been, get a feel for the campus or book a tour.”  

Cal State Los Angeles transfer representative Joseph Galvan also offered some advice for students who are looking to gain real world experience in their major. 

“Get an internship. Don’t wait for  your career center to do the work for you. Do your research and begin making connections in your desired field,” said Galvan.

Several UC’s also attended the event, with many of the booths advertising the UC Tag program. UC Tag is a program that provides California Community College students with a written agreement that guarantees admission in a specific major to a specific UC. 

These booths provided informational pamphlets with UC Tag requirements. Learn more about UC Tag at 

A variety of private schools also attended the fair from religious schools to non-religious and liberal arts schools. Phoebe Patinkin, an admission counselor at Occidental College, shared a new promise at Oxy, “California Residents who qualify for a Cal Grant will have 100% of their tuition covered by Occidental College.”

Kirby Dominguez, the Transfer Center Director, has been planning and putting together this Transfer Fair event since May. 

When asked how colleges are recruited to attend the event Dominguez stated, “Some of them reach out to us and we look at our previous list and say hey you haven’t signed up yet, how come you haven’t signed up?…It’s mutual, they sign up but then also we reach out and then in other cases they’ll contact us and say, ‘Hey we wanna join.’” 

Dominguez asked if every university he reached out to attended the event, responded “Some can’t make it… The majority, unfortunately some of them have scheduling conflicts or they are at another community college cause we are on the earlier set. 

“We are like one of the first within the state of California to have a fair but what happens is each and everyday there is another community college that has a fair, so there’s a list.”

Dominguez said, “In terms of UC’s and CSU’s they are almost mandated by the state to sign up, so they have almost like no option but all the private ones we reached out in advance especially like USC, Loyola Marymount, Mount Saint Mary’s, University of San Diego and a few others that we reached out to. 

“In terms of a mix I think it’s equal for the most part… trying to make sure you all have a good balance of private, non-for profit or state run universities.”

He said ELAC students should begin the transfer process, “NOW, As soon as possible, yesterday, the day before! There’s never the wrong period. It’s either now, sooner than later…If you already have over thirty units you should really look into it, If you have zero units you should really look into it. 

“I would say the earlier the better because then you can navigate the different major prerequisites early if you meet eligibility requirements. The more units you have the more difficult and challenging it is because you may or may not have everything.”

The Transfer Center will be holding Transfer Workshops within the coming weeks. 

CSU application workshops will be held on October 4, October 13, and October 24. UC application workshops will be held on September 26, October 18, October 27. 

Stay connected with the transfer center by following their Instagram @elactransfercenter. 

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