ViaCare imparts self-love tools on students

By Soleil Cardenas

The East Los Angeles College Student Health Center held an event over Zoom that focused on helping students learn to love themselves. Martha Mejia, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from ViaCare, led the hour-long workshop. 

The workshop titled “Tool2Talk: Let’s Talk about how to #LoveYoSelf” focused on helping students practice self-love by showing different tactics and techniques. 

Mejia said attendees can try to complete some sentences she presented.

 The sentences included “I was proud of myself this week because…”, “This week has been good because…” and “Something I like about myself…”.

Mejia said students should learn about the five different love languages. These love languages include words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time and receiving gifts. 

After discussing each love language in detail Mejia gave students examples of self-love in each of the five love languages. 

One tool that can be used for words of affirmation was to write in a journal about personal strengths and practice daily affirmations in the mirror. 

Students can show themselves self-love by using acts of service  by creating an organized environment and making themselves meals. One tactic for physical touch was to stretch and relax the body. 

For quality time students can practice deep breathing exercises and turning off their phones. For receiving gifts students can make a bucket list of items they want for the future.

Students participating at the event spotlighted their own type of love language. 

The event showed how important it is to know each students personal love language. Knowing this information makes it easier in learning how to self-love.

Mejia said an additional tool to loving themselves is self-compassion.  

“A lot of the time it’s hard for us to practice self-love because we tend to be very hard on ourselves,” Mejia said. 

Mejia emphasized acceptance of who people are. This includes imperfections and all. This means not being too hard on themselves. 

She said students should know that struggle is normal and most importantly struggle is temporary. Having a fair attitude toward and accepting oneself for who one is key. Students should take care of themselves and practice self-compassion. 

Mejia said the last part of the workshop would help students practice mindful awareness. This involved participants closing their eyes and listening for directions. 

Meija said students can focus on their toes and how they feel. The practice focused on the feelings students could notice while being fully aware of their body.This continued with several body parts asking similar questions for all. 

The primary point of this exercise is to take a step back from a students thoughts and emotions. 

“Creating distance from your own thoughts and feelings lessens the power they have over you,” Mejia said. 

Via Care will hold several other events through the ELAC Student Health Center throughout the next month. For more information follow @ViaCareLA on Social Media. To make a medical or behavioral health appointment call 323-265-8651. 

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