Advice for entering adulthood

By Beatriz Garay

Students dealing with adult responsibilities can be hard, to help the First Year Experience program provided a workshop with techniques to make the change easier. 

The Adulting 101 workshop is meant to give students information on making time, money, and mental health.

Scheduling a student’s time for school work, assignments and  personal time can be a challenge for some students.

 The workshop also gave suggestions on how to save money and find interests that might help find the major that’s more fitting for one. 

Heriberto Guiterrez Jr. is success coach, an ELAC alum and presented ideas at the workshop.

“The theme of this is useful information that I wish someone would have shared with me intentionally. Most of the time young adults don’t get warned of what they are to expect as they enter this new journey of theirs. 

“Sometimes if an older sibling or an older person does give advice to the young adults it doesn’t click with them,” Guiterrez Jr. said.

Time management advice focused on breaking down time.

 “Scheduling time for whatever needs to get done helps in figuring out what one should prioritize first,” said Gutierrez Jr. 

 Guiterrez Jr. and his co-host Alfonso Garcia-Godinez, from the FYE program at ELAC, suggested using a calendar as a way to write down what needs to get done on certain days.

 The purpose is to not feel like everything needs to get done at once. 

Scheduling mental breaks helps students collect themselves after working or studying. 

Scheduling mental breaks also helps recharge the brain and body. This helps to better focus on work, assignments and anything that requires attention.

Gutierrez Jr. and Garcia-Godinez, said students should start with small steps instead of setting up big goals. 

“If someone’s goal is to transfer to a University, take a small step by taking that extra class needed, to move one step closer to achieving the transfer,” said Garcia-Godinez.

Guiterrez Jr. said students shouldn’t look back at mistakes they make regretfully. They should see them as stepping stones to success.  

 He said using the same kind of routine in a college career as one used in high school, will likely not get far. This includes doing the same  thing when studying for exams, doing homework and working a full or part-time job. 

Guiterrez Jr. said choosing which days are for school work and which are for rest was important. This helps reduce stress. who stay on the same path they are on.

 He said change is important in reaching a new level of education. Guiterrez Jr. said a level of change will help students reach the career goal they want. 

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