Netflix’s docs-series follows life of former Turkish club manager

By Leonardo Cervantes

“Terim” is a four part docu-series following the life excellent managerial skills of and all the controversy Faith Terim went through.
The directors show Terim’s rise and fall along with struggles that made him the most polarizing and well respected soccer manager of all time.
He wanted to change the culture of his club Galatasaray. Terim was a natural-born leader. He managed the Turkish national team and wanted to change the culture of Galatasaray.
In soccer, players are usually sold to different clubs because they want to earn a higher salary. Terim would often offer his players half of his salary in order to keep them on his team.
He was enthusiastic and wanted the best for his players.
It was enjoyable to see how well directed the docu-series is. Burak Aksoy and Altu Gutan keep viewers entertained with interviews with former players. The interviews are not boring, and they have a unique style
There are closeups during interviews, as well as having the interviewees not stare directly into the camera and having their bodies tilted.
It’s a subtle difference, but the style makes sure it’s not confused with a boring press conference they would do after games.
Terim and all of the players that were interviewed have to be commended for their roles in keeping the docu-series entertaining.
They’re all clearly engaged, enthusiastic and reminiscing about all of the triumphs and downfalls that happened throughout their careers. They show body and hand movements to get their point across.
They could have easily done a boring style interview and showed no emotion while cashing in on a check. Instead, they kept the interviews vibrant and were the complete opposite of boring sports interviews that seem like interrogation videos.
The interviews didn’t take place in a dull room with limited lighting and no background.
Instead, they were inside a giant house that was vibrant with plants and different colored walls and doors. A simple but effective point to keep the viewers engaged with the docu-series.
Terim gained critics including from his own fan base upon agreeing to manage the Galatasaray club. Everyone knew he was a good manager because of his success on the national team, but some questuoned if he could manage a small team that didn’t have all of the best players.
The music for the series was also solid. During exciting moments cheerful and joyous instrumentals are playing in the background, while during suspenseful moments eerie beats were used that capture the struggle being portrayed.
Terim wasn’t the most enthusiastic and motivating manager. Rather he gained the attention from his players through his coaches strategies and abilities to dissect the game.
He was a masterful tactician and put his players in positions to succeed. Terim wasn’t a great manager that made hero movie type speeches, but because of his preparation and understanding of the game, his players played hard for him.
While he’s not the manager with the most fiery pre-game speeches, because of his preparation and tactical abilities that show how he was an enthusiastic manager in his own way.
Overall “Terim” is a very enjoyable docu-series and viewers will get insight into why Terim is heralded as the greatest manager of all time. Terim is rated TV-14, and is a 4 part docu-series with each episode having a 55-minute runtime. The series is available to watch on Netflix.

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