Assembly bill 1287: finally ending the pink tax in California

By Brenda De La Cruz

Prohibiting a “pink tax” is long overdue, and a ridiculous reminder of ongoing gender discrimination.Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1287 on September 27. 

The bill was authored by assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, and prohibits companies from overcharging for the same product solely based on gender packaging. 

This means that if a similar item sold by the same company shares similar colors, use, and/or design, overpricing one over the other is not allowed.

The fact that this was not already common sense is baffling. Allowing this to occur screams gender discrimination. Women already get paid less than their male counterparts in the U.S. 

In fact, as of last year, women earn 80 cents for every dollar a man does, according to a study from the Economic Policy Institute.

Women get paid less, yet are expected to pay more for similar items used by both males and females. How does that remotely make sense?

In a time where inflation is hiking up prices for almost everything, women being charged more for something that most likely is also used by men seems ridiculous.Women often have to pay for menstrual items despite it being a natural, recurring life event for women. 

Recently, the tampon tax issue has been making the rounds in controversy, despite it being eliminated in several states but not all. 

The tampon tax refers to items for menstrual cycles carrying a sales tax, yet other basic necessities, like condoms for men, do not. One is a choice, while the other is simply life. 

This shows that we as a country, and society in general, still have a ways to go in regards to gender equality. 

Oftentimes women are made to fight for basic equality and then made fun of because they are considered to be soft and cry-babies. 

However, men do not even have to imagine this happening to them because it’s usually men in powerful positions calling the shots for women’s issues. Again, make it make sense. 

The U.S. should continue making equal rights changes such as these so that as a country, and beings, we can continue to grow. 

Those who violate this bill are subject to hefty fines. 

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