October ends with Halloween bake sale

By Marissa Valles

The Sociology Club held its Halloween-themed bake sale on Thursday as part of its month-long holiday themed bake sales. 

Chris Olivares, who serves as the Vice President of the Sociology Club, said the club has held holiday themed bake sales all month long with a different holiday theme each week.

This week’s sale began on Tuesday. 

With Halloween just around the corner, it makes sense that this week’s theme would be Halloween. 

Items such as ghost brownies were sold to match the spooky holiday’s theme. 

Though Olivares planned to bring cupcakes, this plan fell through after the mix burned. 

Other goods including packaged goods such as Twinkies and cream puffs were sold in its place.

Olivares said Thursday’s sale wasn’t finished being set up, but there was still a variety of selections one could choose from. 

There were both packaged goods and home-baked goods sold at the sale as well.

Olivares pointed out  a carved apple cinnamon that a student made and brought to be sold. 

Olivares’s aunt also made cream puffs from scratch for the sale and was among the pastries being sold.

The sale had fair prices, with cookies costing a dollar and brownies costing two dollars. 

Although the club has been holding bake sales all month long, there’s not really a set amount of money the club hopes to earn. “Whatever we make, we make,” Olivares said.

The money they do raise is going to be used in various ways for the club. 

“We plan to use the money we make to fund activities for the club.” Among the activities Olivares hopes to have are social outings, such as barbecues or going to the beach, as a way to show appreciation for the members of the club.

“We just want to be able to go on an outing as a group and not have to depend on the support of the school. 

“We’re funding this for ourselves” 

Among the goals of the bake sale is to make enough money to have a surplus.

“The money rolls over, so when we’re gone, it’ll still be there. 

“We just want to make sure in the coming years, they will have something to use. Whatever we don’t use goes back to the account and will help in the future.”

Olivares mentioned that the money could also be used to help fund the student pop-up closet, a service that allows underprivileged students to get necessities such as clothes and hygiene supplies. 

The club currently buys their own products and depends on sponsors for donations, so a surplus would greatly impact the service.

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