Students offered tips on avoiding sophomore slump

By Marissa Valles

The First Year Experience program offered tips on organization, planning and communication to help students avoid burnout during last Wednesday’s workshop. The workshop was held by Leslie Arciniega and co-host Rafael Sanchez. Arciniega and Sanchez are success coaches for the FYE program. 

“During the second year of college, students tend to get comfortable and don’t always do so well because they think they can get away with slacking off,” Arciniega said.

One of the biggest ways students can prevent this is to organize a system to stay on top of their deadlines and other important responsibilities.

“Organization is really important and it doesn’t always mean it has to be extravagant. Make sure you have a planner. Having a planner can help you plan out your week, and creating to-do lists can help with organizing daily tasks. You just want to find out what works best for you,” Arciniega said.

Students should make a schedule that helps them balance not just school, but work and their personal life too. Having a balance can prevent students from feeling overwhelmed by one area of life. 

“Make sure you have enough time to get things done for school, but make sure you have enough time for other areas of your life too,” Arciniega said. 

Setting goals is also important, but make sure they are achievable. 

“Having goals is great, but make sure they’re realistic. When setting goals, focus on your strengths and reach out for support when it comes to your weaknesses,” Sanchez said. One way to make sure goals are realistic is to set small goals on a daily basis. 

Setting daily goals goes hand in hand with creating a routine, which the workshop also encouraged students to do.

“A routine is filled with things you prioritize on a daily basis. When you build time to study into your routine, you are making it a habit and you’ll be less likely to slack,” Arciniega said. 

Students should also make it a habit to interact with their peers and instructors so they can avoid feeling isolated. 

“It can be difficult to be social in college because your classmates change every semester. Make sure you’re connected with other students, either through email or discussion forums or by phone. Reach out to your professors too, so you can build a professional relationship. This can help with any letters of recommendation you may need in the future,” Arciniega said.

Although schoolwork is important, students should step away from technology every once in a while.

“Take some time to relax because looking at a computer screen can be exhausting and it can lead to you not doing your best on assignments. Step away from your computer for at least 45 minutes and do something that doesn’t involve technology,” Arciniega said.

Students should also reward themselves for their accomplishments and take breaks.

“You want to make sure you’re not constantly working. Making time for yourself can help you avoid burnout. When you’re burnt out, it can affect your physical and mental health. Make sure you’re in a positive mindset and don’t forget to take care of yourself,” Arciniega said.

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