Lack of clubs register for Husky Bowl

By Janet Guereca

The Husky Bowl and electronic form of payments were the main topics covered during the Inter-Council Club meeting on May 12. 

Several reasons were given for the lack of clubs registered to participate in the Husky Bowl on May 19. 

The Physical Therapy Aide Club has not submitted the form to participate in the Husky Bowl because of a lack of information from the members. The information includes not having members’ student emails or ID numbers.

ICC Advisor Ivan Lozano said that sometimes students don’t feel comfortable sharing their information with other students. He suggested that club advisors contact students directly for the necessary information. 

The change in the estimated date of the Husky Bowl also affected the number of submitted forms from clubs. It takes time to solicit members who want to participate on the new date.

The details for the Husky Bowl are vague. The games are not announced until the day of the event. Clubs that want to participate don’t know how to plan for it. They questioned whether they were physically able to do certain functions. Members of the clubs also asked what games would be played along with what attire.

  Two changes were proposed to increase the number of clubs signed up for the Husky Bowl, including removing the Associated Student Union Fee and changing the number of members needed to participate. 

It was decided to keep the minimum number of members the same requirement because it would not be fair to clubs who have registered.

The vote for the ASU Fee ended with 13 no’s and 12 yes’s, meaning the fee would stay. 

During his report, ICC Advisor Ivan Lozano discussed the possibility of a new form of electronic payment for club fundraising. 

The electronic form of payment for club fundraising since 2021 has been PayPal. At the moment, PayPal is used as more of a campaign. A club can request to have PayPal on the ELAC website, where people can make donations.

The issue is that it’s not available to clubs in real-time as they’re fundraising. They only know how much money was deposited after emailing the Fiscal Office the next day. 

ELAC has a closed banking circuit. An outside electronic form of payment is not allowed to go into the school’s banking system. 

Lozano announced they would return to the district and see if ELAC could implement an electronic form of payment like Zelle.

Zelle is more accessible than PayPal and widely used, allowing clubs to raise more money. The hope is that the two banks the college works with have Zelle.

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