Men’s soccer ends three-game winning streak

By Oscar Martines

The men’s soccer team ended their three-game winning streak on Friday after falling to Los Angeles Pierce College 1-0 in an away encounter.

The Huskies saw themselves with less possession and shots than the opposing team, but never let up during the 90 minutes, despite taking the loss in the end.

The Huskies struggled to get any plays going in the first 20 minutes of play, and it resulted in them conceding the only goal scored in the game. 

Despite most of the first half being played on the defensive end, the Huskies managed to alert the opposing goalkeeper by taking two shots before the half ended, with the Huskies going to the break down by the minimum.

The Huskies performed aggressively in the second half in search of the game-tying goal.

Multiple shots on goal forced the opposing goalkeeper to be more alert than in the first half, including three free kicks from attacking midfielder Adrian Macias that were barely saved, preventing the Huskies from changing the scoreboard.

During the Huskies’ attempts to find the goal, they gave away a penalty to Pierce College and put themselves at risk of being down by two goals.

However, Pierce College’s penalty attempt went soaring over the top bar, easing the nerves of the Huskies who thought their disadvantage would be doubled.

The Huskies continued to try to find an opening but ultimately, they were unable to find the net and end the game in a loss.

The Huskies’ next game will be a home encounter against Bakersfield College on Friday.

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