Men’s soccer drops more points in winless streak

By Marc Anthony Martinez

The men’s soccer team lost 3-2, after they were unable to make a comeback against Rio Hondo College on Friday.

“That’s the game of soccer, there has to be winners and losers. And today, we were on the losing end,” Head Coach Eddie Flores said. 

“Sometimes they come out a little lazy, and sometimes we lack that fire. Today it bit us in the butt,” Assistant Coach Joseph Gomez said.

Huskies defender Cristian Arana misplayed the ball, which let Rio Hondo forward Ulises Depaz pass by him and score on a play. 

The ball was blocked by Huskies goalie Milton Salazar but ended up bouncing back into the net. 

This gave Rio Hondo the 1-0 lead in the third minute of the game.

Less than a minute later, the Huskies were able to tie the game and get a goal from a Rio Hondo miscommunication. 

Rio Hondo goalie Bryan Cote went out of the box to try saving the ball, but Huskies midfielder Johan Elias scored with an assist by forward Joel Palomera.

The next two scores came from Rio Hondo. 

On both occasions, Salazar managed to get a hand on the ball, but it got passed him for the goal.

“We’re like Santa Claus, we gave [the goals] to them,” Flores said about giving up three goals in the game that he felt should have not gone in.

Gomez gave the Huskies a speech during halftime to let them know he needed them to step up their performance, pick up the intensity and for the players to have attitude. 

As he reminded them that they were down 3-1, he asked them how bad they wanted the win. 

He said to them it felt like there were only a few who were playing hard and the rest were just going through the motions. 

In the second half, the Huskies scored another goal off a header by midfielder Matthew Cortez off a crossbar deflection. 

It was the only goal of the second half by either team. 

The Huskies had one last attempt to score in the 90-minute mark, with a header from Benjamin Gamez and a corner kick by Cortez but failed.

At the 86th minute, Huskies midfielder Roman Ruiz got a yellow card and a minute later Rio Hondo’s forward Ariel Solano received one as well. 

After the game, both head coaches spoke with each other. They have been friends for over 30 years. 

 Rio Hondo’s coach Orlando Brenes told Flores that they gave Rio Hondo the game.

“I just hate when an opposing coach tells you, ‘You gave it to use thank you,’” Flores said.

They have that relationship with each other as friends, but it’s still not something Flores wanted to hear from an opposing team’s coach.

“We have to come in with a purpose and urgency. We came in too confident,” Flores said about the play of Friday’s game.

The Huskies are in conference play, so these games mean more now.

“There’s only nine conference games so how do we get out of this hole?

“If we don’t win, we’ll dig ourselves a hole that we won’t be able to get out of,” Flores said.

After this loss, the Huskies only got one point out of the possible six they could’ve gotten for the two conference games they have already played.  

“There’s 21 possible points. We need at least half of them,” Flores said about the remaining games and having to win to get points so they can move up in the standings.

“If they truly want it, I think that’s when we start getting results,” Gomez said about the Huskies next games.

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