Rio Hondo loss continues women’s soccer rut

By Oscar Martines

The women’s soccer team suffered another loss this season following a hefty 7-0 defeat to Rio Hondo College at home.

Despite the Huskies winning the first game of the season, they have now suffered seven losses in the past eight games, with one  ending in a draw.

The Huskies had an early goal scored on them within the first 30 seconds of play and never bounced back from the deficit.

Rio Hondo outshot the Huskies throughout the 90 minutes, with the Huskies only taking two shots in the entire game compared to Rio Hondo’s 29 shots.

The game began with Rio Hondo opening the score with the very first shot of the game just seconds after the referee blew the whistle.

The Huskies struggled to respond both offensively and defensively. 

Goalkeeper Karen Cheng managed some great saves to prevent Rio Hondo from increasing their lead.

The first shot of the game from the Huskies came at the 34th minute, when midfielder Katherine Flores’ attempt from outside the box flew over the top post.

The Huskies closed out the first half conceding another goal to put the game at 2-0 after 45 minutes of play.

“I thought we played the first half very well despite the let down 10 seconds into the game and the last 10 seconds of the half. 

“We kept our composure and we were possessing well throughout the remaining 44 minutes of that half,” Head Coach Jessica Correll said.

Two minutes into the second half, the Huskies conceded a third goal, placing the team in a difficult comeback situation.

Four minutes later, Cheng continued to show her resilience by saving a goal-scoring opportunity by Rio Hondo.

Despite the block, the deflection from the save landed at the feet of another Rio Hondo player, leaving the opportunity of goal wide open and increasing the score to 4-0 for Rio Hondo.

Cheng once again displayed her skills on the field with a huge save from a corner play that bounced back to Rio Hondo. 

Cheng blocked the second-chance shot and keeping the ball away from the back of the net.

“She [Cheng] is so passionate and has the right mentality to keep going and stay motivated to push forward through some of the adversity she’s facing,” Correll said.

The Huskies’ second and final shot of the game came at the 61st minute, with Flores attempting once again to find the back of the net.

Flores’ shot from the free kick spot was just wide left of the post.

The Huskies continued to struggle holding down Rio Hondo’s offense, with the Huskies conceding a goal in the 66th minute and another goal just two minutes later.

The defensive woes for the Huskies only got worse as the team conceded a seventh goal after a play that left the Rio Hondo striker alone. 

It ended with her dribbling past Cheng and scoring into an uncontested net.

Cheng, despite already conceding seven goals in the game, continued to save the Huskies from Rio Hondo’s attacking plays.

Cheng made three saves in three minutes for the Huskies in the final 10 minutes of play, with all three saves coming from one-on-one situations.

With the score already one-sided the referee blew the whistle at the 90-minute mark and ended the game with no added time.

“It’s one of those things where we have to work on our mental aspect of it in the second half to make sure that we continue pushing through and do what we were doing in the first half as opposed to being a bit too confident and too comfortable,” Correll said.

“I’m optimistic with what we have going forward but there are going to be some changes that we have to make in order to make some changes to those outcomes.”

The Huskies will play their next home game against El Camino College on Friday.

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