Football team triumphs in heated game

By Marc Anthony Martinez

A personal foul led to a scuffle on the field as the Huskies’ offense dominated in its 54 to 27 victory over Long Beach City College.

It was a homecoming game for Long Beach on Saturday as the game was also contested for the Presidents’ Cup. 

This was a big game for both teams.

“We came into the game knowing that it was personal. It’s the battle of the presidents, and we had to come and make a statement and do what we do as a team and come out with the win,” quarterback Trilian Harris said 

With 2:50 left before halftime, the Huskies were driving downfield to the Long Beach 32-yard line when Maurice Newton caught the ball and was brought down by his facemask by Long Beach linebacker Andre Jenkins, who ripped off Newton’s helmet. 

Pandemonium broke out after that as Newton was trying to get back up. 

The Huskies ran onto the field in defense of their teammate, players were pushing and yelling at each other from both teams. 

The coaches and referees tried to get a hold of the situation that was happening on the field, while at the same time making sure nothing more serious happened.

“We’re dogs. We don’t back down, but we got to be more coachable, more disciplined,” Harris said.

Some Long Beach coaches were trying to keep their players on the sideline and from causing more chaos, other coaches were arguing at the referees and at other Husky coaches and players. 

“That was not on us. That was hurt feelings and sore losers, poor sportsmanship. We did our job. We did what we came to do. They had other thoughts and other things they wanted to do,” utility player DeGabriel Floyd said.

The referees would finally get control of the commotion and give personal foul penalties to both teams and kicked out one player from Long Beach, Luke Toomalatai, and three players from the Huskies, offensive linemen Syre Williams, Omega Williams and wide receiver Jaylin Moore.

“There’s a lot of emotion in football games and it hurt both teams. We had a couple of guys get ejected and they had players get ejected,” Head Coach Bobby Godinez said.

The offense would then score as Harris threw the ball to Kennedy Lewis for a 13-yard touchdown pass making it 40-10.

Harris had 274 passing yards, six throwing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown.

He entered the game on the third offensive drive and on the second play he rushed for 12 yards and put a big hit on Long Beach safety Ricardo Abrego.

“I come in to play my role. I came in today when my name was called and ran somebody over. I set the tempo,” Harris said.

The Huskies’ offense had a total of 451 yards and eight touchdowns. 

Lewis had four catches for 134 yards and three touchdowns. 

Floyd had five catches for 40 yards and one receiving touchdown along with a rushing touchdown. Bryson Corbin had three catches for 83 yards and two touchdowns.

The defense also played a good game. They had two interceptions, one by DJ Shanks, and the other by Brinkley Shoes. 

The Huskies also had five sacks by Tymere Jackson, Dre Towns, Travon Thomas, Rayshun Dorsey and Reginald Freeman.

“We had a great two weeks of practice, probably the best ones we have had this season,” Floyd said after coming off a bye week. 

Godinez thought that the way they practiced showed on the field as he felt like they looked ready in practice and were looking forward to playing Long Beach.

 “They knew it was a big game. They prepared to be good and had a great week of practice,” Godinez said.

The one area where the Huskies struggled was in  special teams.

 Kicker Ethan Rodriguez missed a 37-yard field goal attempt and two extra point attempts. 

On kickoff and punt returns they had a couple of balls bobbled but were able to recover it.  

The Huskies have four wins and two losses overall and in conference play they have two wins and one loss. 

“We got to continue practicing the way we have been practicing, but it doesn’t get any easier. We’re going to play the No. 1 team in the country in Mount San Antonio College next week,” Godinez said. 

The Huskies will play undefeated Mt. San Antonio College at home on Saturday at 6 p.m.

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