Football team falls flat against Mt. Sac

By Marina Gutierrez

The Huskies’ players and coaches’ emotions ran high as they had a difficult 48-17 loss against Mt. San Antonio College. 

A Husky touchdown to start the game was short celebrated when refs ruled the ball as down at the 46-yard line, and their points were recanted. 

After their first failed attempt to score, the Huskies continued to struggle the rest of the game.

This was a highly anticipated game for both teams. 

Mt. SAC is currently No. 1 in the conference, and the Huskies just celebrated their huge victory at the President’s Cup. 

“This is not the outcome I had anticipated at all, our guys just did not show up today,” Head Coach Bobby Godinez said. 

Mt. SAC was quick and continuously broke through the Huskies defense. 

As defenders struggled to finish tackles, Mt. SAC took full advantage. 

By the end of the first quarter Mt. SAC led 14-0. 

As offensive players began to get frustrated with their lack of scoring, Husky quarterback Trillian Harris began to make matters into his own hands. 

Harris ran the ball himself multiple times and helped his team gain some much needed yards. 

However, the majority of Harris’ passes were ruled incomplete as his teammates could not catch the ball. 

Incomplete passes were an issue the entire game and ultimately lead to their demise. 

As the struggle to score continued, desperation tactics began. 

Harris started to panic and threw many unnecessary incomplete passes. 

His teammates also failed to block for him, and he was sacked. 

The Huskies’ offense as a whole stopped working together and were no longer finishing plays.

In the second quarter, the 

Huskies’ coaches substituted the entire offensive line, sending in a fresh set of players. 

This was meant to be a scare tactic to intimidate the other team. 

Instead, the Huskies confused themselves and the substitution was deemed to be pointless.

After many failed attempts and tactics, Husky kicker Ethan Rodriguez scored a field goal, getting Huskies on the scoreboard. 

“There was a lot going on in my head, but I just stuck to my fundamentals in order to score,” Rodriguez said.

However, with only 15 seconds left in the first half, Mt. SAC did not waste any time and quickly scored. 

The score at the end of the first half was 28-3. 

    After an underwhelming first half, the Huskies were quiet and coaches were furious. 

The second half began, with  the Huskies having the ball first, which still ultimately led to incomplete passes. 

Although Harris’ passes had improved, his teammates failed to catch the ball or make runs. 

By the end of the third quarter, the score was 42-3. 

Although the majority of the Husky players began to give up in the last quarter, two-way player DeGabriel Floyd never lost momentum.  

Floyd pushed through his emotions and scored two touchdowns in the last quarter. 

“I have a job to do for my teammates, and I kept my composure for them. But by the time I scored it was too late in the game,” Floyd said.

Mt. SAC scored shortly after and the final score was 48-17.  

Although the Huskies tried to recover, their emotions got the best of them and their incomplete passes and lack of defense cost them the game.   

This game was nothing close to a dog fight, as Mt. SAC’s offensive line dominated over the Huskies. 

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