‘A Christmas Carol’ actors take on multiple roles

By Kimberly Bonilla

arol” Play have gained new experiences with the help of the director as they are playing multiple roles throughout the production. 

The director said the audience can expect a fun energy and festive spirit version of “A Christmas Carol” with cast members that are passionate to play out these roles. 

The sets are black and white Tim-Burton-inspired gothic-Victorian themed.

The costumes are time period pieces with big puffy beautiful vibrant colored dresses with corsets and lace. 

Noemi Avalos Vargas, cast member of the upcoming play, is an ensemble character meaning she is playing various roles throughout the play. 

The four characters she will play are Emma, Rosie, Gasper and Martha. 

One of her characters, Gasper, is a kind solicitor from a church asking people for money for the poor workers. This character is presented to show how greedy the main character Scrooge is.

Vargas said she was picked for these specific roles due to the different voicework she used and the chemistry she demonstrated during the table read with others who auditioned for the play. 

The audition process was very competitive and she was chosen out of the other 17 individuals who auditioned for the same roles.  

Vargas has participated in past workshops with the director of the play, Pellegrini.

Vargas said this time has been a fresh, new experience because Pellegrini has gone more into depth with her creative way of thinking and stylized way of acting. 

Vargas said that Pellegrinis style of producing and preparing the actors for the play has helped her pronounce her words clearer and louder while her movements on stage have been improving as well. 

Since working with Pellegrini, Vargas said that she has been learning new things regarding her acting skills and performances expanding her knowledge.

The rehearsals for the play have been demanding and very physical. This play has all the characters moving around the stage frequently and there are few moments where the cast members are still.

 Due to this, Vargas said rehearsals, have been quite intense, and it has been a different but overall great experience for her because the physical demands allow her less time to think about messing up her lines. 

Vargas said one specific challenge  has faced while participating in this play is her overthinking and making sure her acting is authentic. 

She has had to make sure her movements are genuine and natural looking because she has struggled with her style seeming fake, but she says everything has drastically improved thanks to the director Pellegrini.

Abigail Valdez, cast member, is an in-depth ensemble character as well playing two characters, Thompson and The Ghost of Christmas Present. 

Valdez said she had been putting in a lot of effort and it was  exhausting within reason. She said it was one of her most difficult roles because she has a wide range of emotions to play. 

Vargas said that she has been learning new things regarding her acting and performance skills since working with Pellegrini. Playing two characters at once has been challenging for her since she has never done that before,but has been putting in a lot of work to bring these characters to life on stage.

 Valdez said she feels very glad to be working with director Pellengri and that she is able to create a very safe, easygoing environment. 

Valdez said she has been putting in a lot of effort, it has been exhausting within reason for her. 

Additionally, it has been one of her most difficult roles because she has a long range of emotions to play. 

Plus, it has been challenging since bringing two characters to life on stage is something she has never done before. 

Valdez said she does feel connected to her characters to put on a performance she can be proud of. 

Valdez struggles with  anxiety, but with the daily rehearsals her anxiety becomes at ease because she gets to go over,it again and again which releases some of her stressors as she says she feels more comfortable with the material as time goes on. 

She said rehearsals have also helped her with character exploration and the different voices she can do for her specific characters. 

Valdez said that she and her other cast members have bonded very well over time and she says that has helped each other be more comfortable and seen each other improve tremendously.

 Some individuals have their cast members’ lines memorized on top of their own because of the close-knit group they have become and the safe space they all made available for each other. 

The shows will be at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings, and  2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday  afternoons from Dec.1 to Dec. 10.

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