Bill provides media literacy education for students

By Raymond Nava

Media literacy being  taught in schools is a good way to help society. Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 873 on Oct. 13. 

AB 873 implements media literacy into kindergarten through 12th grade in schools. 

This is something that is well needed now that we are in the digital age, where almost everything is online.

The media literacy course would develop a students’ critical thinking skills around different types of media. 

 The course would also educate students to use critical thinking to evaluate online information that would affect them or their community. 

It is a valuable lesson for these students.

Society has come a long way in technological advancement over the last 20 years. 

A large part of our lives are now online, and we need to adjust to the times. 

California will join a small number of states that teach media literacy in their schools.

 Kids are now online more than ever and there its dangerous. Students need to be taught what to look out for online. 

Even years ago, kids were taught about strangers on the internet, but now they need to be taught about people trying to get personal information.

Conspiracy theories, fake news,  information, and propaganda are also great threats that kids will face online. We saw during the pandemic and 2020 election just how far and dangerous fake news can be. From anti-vax misinformation, to false claims of the election being stolen, these had severe consequences. Misinformation on normal everyday information can suck people down a rabbit hole. 

 Kids at their young age can be easily radicalized by this information, so it’s important we educate them about it.

Media literacy is something Gov. Newsom was right about in signing the bill. 

The world is better when we are smarter, so having our kids learn how to navigate the digital world is going to go a long way in improving our society. 

Every state should definitely follow suit.

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