Smart holiday giving for loved ones

By Raymond Nava

Always be careful with how much you spend when you’re doing your Christmas shopping. 

It can get crazy around the holidays. People rush out for decorations and gifts for family and friends. 

 Prices over the years have increased, and we all can potentially feel the pressure of buying gifts for everyone in the family.

 Despite that feeling, it’s important to know budget spending.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays of the year. 

 I always love getting gifts for my friends and giving them those gifts. 

Christmas is my greatest excuse to just give my friends stuff. However, I make sure the things I get are within my budget.

 Sometimes I’ve given a candy cane with a gift card attached to it. Other times I’ve gotten them elaborate gifts.

In recent years, the cost of things has increased. 

It’s important to never feel pressured that you must buy gifts.  

There might be some pressure when you have large family and plans to get together for the holidays, especially if there are many kids. 

If you are going to spend, make a plan to buy gifts and know what your own budget will allow you to spend. 

Search out stores that might offer discounts or sales.

 Saving money on purchases is also smart spending.

If you’re going to do your shopping online, there are going to be added costs for shipping, especially if you want your items to get delivered sooner. 

On the flip side, using regular shipping may take longer since many people will be doing the same thing.

 One thing you should do is look at browser extensions that could help you save on your purchases. 

There are many extensions that will search the web for unused coupons and codes and apply them to your purchase to save you money. 

The last thing you can do to save on spending is to create simple home gifts for the family. 

You can make the presentation and packaging to make a homemade gift look meaningful. 

You can buy gift cards and package them in a small basket with other small goodies like candies. 

The phrase “It’s the thought that counts” does go a long way, especially with family.

 If you buy gift cards, it’s better to use prepaid gift cards such as a visa gift card. 

That way the person can use it on whatever they want rather than just being confined to one store.

The holidays will always be daunting for spending. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to change in the future. 

Using this advice will help you be better at budgeting for the season and give you control on your spending. 

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