Students lack time like Pizza Time lacks sauce

By Henry Caceres

When thinking of good food to eat when everything else does not seem appetizing, one usually thinks of pizza. 

Study food? Pizza. House party? Pizza. First date idea? How about pizza? Pizza Time manager Israel thinks customers should go family owned. Pizza Time is a family owned pizza restaurant located in the plaza between Atlantic and Collegian Avenue, right next to ELAC. 

The restaurant has been open under its name for seven years and has a wide variety of options on their menu, ranging from pizza to calzones. 

“We make everything fresh and by hand…All our produce is top quality,” Israel said. 

He said the cheese used in their pizzas are 100% mozzarella compared to the leading companies that use cheese made up of 50% mozzarella and 50% other imitation ingredients. 

Everything is made to order so there is a bit of a wait. ELAC women’s soccer’s Baneza Orellana, who has tried many pizzas after many practices and games as well as spends most of her vacations in New Jersey where she is very familiar with pizza in the east coast, joined Campus News to find some answers! 

The pepperoni pizza looked packed with toppings, only to find out that most of the slice consisted of the thick crust once bitten into. 

A thick crust would have served its purpose of making sure the sauce would not make the pizza flabby if there was more sauce to begin with. 

With the great amount of cheese, it felt like I was eating cheesy bread instead of a pizza. Baneza felt as if she were eating a pizza that is served as school lunch. 

“It looked good, but it had barely any sauce, a lot of cheese that looked like glue and it stood up on its own,” Orellana said when comparing it to pizza from New Jersey which usually becomes flabby, indicating that it is good. 

The overall look and texture could be disregarded if the flavor was stronger. 

Unfortunately, the very little sauce that was on the pizza tasted like it came straight out of a glass container from the supermarket with no added seasoning. 

The cheese pizza leaves the same impression as the pepperoni. 

When moving on to dessert, the Tiramisu came with its own bit of surprises.

The cocoa powder in it is very pleasant, and the coffee used has a rich flavor which helps the dessert. But, the ladyfingers were underwhelming while having too much mascarpone cheese on top. 

Overall, a small personal sized pizza, a can of diet coke and Tiramisu for $24 does not seem worth it considering the taste you get as a result. 

Orellana advises pizza lovers to judge a pizza by its grease content. “The greasier, the better,” the ELAC defender said. 

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