Men’s basketball achieves tenth consecutive win

By Marina Gutierrez

The men’s basketball team are on a winning streak, they earned a tenth consecutive win after defeating Los Angeles Harbor College 89-78.

What looked like it would be a close game turned out not to be; the Huskies dominated LA Harbor’s defense. 

Harbor initially took the lead of the game due to multiple turnovers from ELAC but the Huskies defense changed the momentum of the game.

Guard Daniel Michelini-Jackson played a key role in helping ELAC gain control over the game. Michelini-Jackson played an incredible game with a total of 31 points, 6 rebounds and six 3-pointers. 

Harbor point guard Marques Calcote made a two-point jump shot which Michelini-Jackson quickly retaliated with a 3-pointer. 

With 12:13 left in the first half, the score was 19-16 with Harbor in the lead. Michelini-Jackson then made another 3-pointer that tied the game at 19-19.

There was 10:54 left in the first half when Michelini-Jackson made yet another 3-pointer that took the lead of the game 22-19.

The Huskies never lost their lead again, the defense remained strong. They dominated Harbor, stopping Harbor from scoring for the rest of the game.

Going into halftime, the Huskies had a 16-point lead with 52-36. 

In the second half, the biggest lead of the game was 19 points. This lead shortly diminished as ELAC players became too comfortable and stopped putting in their best effort. 

As the lead got shorter and shorter, Head Coach John Mosley got noticeably and verbally upset at his players. The Huskies became frustrated. Emotions ran high on both the court and the bench. 

The Huskies had to race against the shot clock, but lost their sense of urgency. 

However, they were still able to maintain the lead. 

The smallest lead of the game the Huskies had was 9 points. Ultimately, they continued hustling until the very end to win.

Although ELAC was once again victorious, Mosley was far from pleased. Mosley was so furious with his players’ attitudes that he and his team were not available for comments after the game. Instead, Mosley had his team head to the track to run off their negative attitude. 

Assistant coach Chandler Redix explained the discrepancy in the beginning of the game.

“Our mindset needs to be more professional. As a team, we need to not underestimate our opponents and realize every team is going to perform with their best shot,” Redix said. 

Mosley was beyond frustrated at his team. 

“Today’s game should have been an easy 20-point win. The lack of our team’s execution is what is causing Mosley’s frustration. We’re not understanding the sense of urgency we need to play with on a nightly basis,” Redix said. 

Mosley is known to expect a lot from his players and to be quite hard on them.

Clearly, Mosley’s coaching tactics have been quite successful for him and ELAC’s basketball department. Mosley’s passion for the game and his care toward his players is sometimes masked by his emotions but always present. 

Redux said the team’s biggest goal is to win conference so they can achieve their playoff bid.

The Huskies next game is an away game at Pasadena City College tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.

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