Men’s basketball win streak ends

By Marc Anthony Martines

The men’s basketball winning streak ends at 10, the Huskies lost 86-74 to Pasadena City College in the first South Coast Conference game of the season on Wednesday.

The Huskies played at Pasadena and were without their Head Coach John Mosley who had to attend a family matter. Mosley was at the warmups making sure his team was ready to play but left before the game started. Assistant coach Levi Wenrich said Mosley had to attend an event for his daughter and everything was alright.

The Huskies finished with 19  turnovers which played a big part in their loss. Eleven occurred in the first half and eight in the second. 

The turnovers in the second seemed to be costly as they happened when the Huskies needed a score. Pasadena capitalized on that and got points off those turnovers.

Pasadena went up early in the first half, starting on a 5-0 lead. They increased the lead to 11-2 in the first 5:00 of the game. 

ELAC closed the lead making it 10-11 off a layup from guard Brandon Wilson with 13:09 left in the first half.

The Huskies had to keep playing catch up. Pasadena maintained the lead until 8:21 left in the first half when guard Daniel Michelini-Jackson dunked the ball and tied the game at 20.

Michelini-Jackson and forward Dylan Godfrey led the team, scoring 19 points each.

Wilson broke the tie with another layup getting fouled in the process. After making the free throw they took the lead 23-20.

They tied once more at 27 with 3:13 left in the first half.

The Huskies had momentum and went up 35-30 by the end of the half. 

In the second half, guard Kamren Williams stole the ball from Pasadena’s guard Shant Chenorhavorian and passed it to guard Jalai Okeith. Okeith made a fastbreak layup that brought the Huskies lead to 49-41.

Okeith got fouled on the layup, but missed the free throw..

The Huskies initially led the second half until Pasadena’s guard Deen Abdur-Rahmann made a 3-pointer that took the lead to 55-54.

Michelini-Jackson gave the Huskies the lead one last time with 62-59 by making a 3-pointer and a jump shot with 10:05 left in the game.

Pasadena took the lead with 9:28 left in the game and held the lead for the remainder of it.

The Huskies tried catching up, but turnovers and missed shots didn’t help.

Overall, the team had 33 rebounds, 18 assists, 12 steals and two blocks.

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