Agent Argylle sneaks into audiences’ wallets

By Henry Caceres

“Argylle,” directed by Matthew Vaughn, is a fun and exciting action packed film that the whole family can enjoy. The film contains many adventures and plot twists that will leave viewers confused in a fun way.

Argylle follows the life of an author who is famous for her books which focus on the adventures and of espionage in the life of a secret agent who’s name is Argylle.

The author of these spy books is called Elly Conway, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. At first thought, her fame would just bring positive energy. This would include a normal life with fans and readers of books.

Instead, she finds herself going on real life spy missions with different organizations. Their ultimate goal is to find out the ending to Conway’s upcoming final book.

The film brings a classic spy movie to viewers with a hint of a rom-com. “Argylle”seemed to

contain many themes, but overall, it is an action movie.

Many famous celebrities make up most of the cast, including Henry Cavill, playing agent Argylle; Dua Lipa, playing LaGrange, and John Cena, playing Agent Wyat.

While the film may have a major spy movie aesthetic, it still lacked many aspects of a real spy movie.

It felt soulless towards the middle of the movie regardless of how well the build up of the story was put together. 

It almost seems like the writers want to cover up the seemingly lazy writing with a CGI cat that takes most of the screen time.

While the film contains a good amount of humor, most of that humor is very dry. It felt like they would need a laugh track in the background to force humor.

The whole theater seem to be underwhelmed as many had to slip a text in every three scenes at the movie’s attempt at comedy.

While the film may have many stale parts to it, unfortunately, there are even bad aspects to it.

For example, everyone loves a good twist within their movies, but not more than two.

In this case, there are at least four. 

Many scenes are very predictable and not in a fun way. The movie does try to find ways

to save itself.

For example , the cinematography. In many of its action scenes, the angles and colors used make the scenes themselves stand out in a pleasing way.

Caville and Cena are showcased in their fight scenes by giving audiences a great perspective of what a spy fight should look like.

“Argylle” is a great film overall if one walks into a movie with expectations that are not too high.

The film has a few stale moments, but viewers can be relieved that the movie is not a part of an already existing franchise or based on a comic book.

It is a film based on a series of books and the stories are meant to reinvent spy movies by the real author Elly Conway.

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