Thirst for power fuels Griselda rise

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

Netflix’s new TV show “Griselda” is a noteworthy show that balances a fast-paced story, well-executed production and highlights the actors’ performance.

“Griselda” is based on the story of a real woman who created an organization that distributed narcotics in Miami during the late ‘70s.

The show uses Spanish and English. Spanish really highlights the emotional dialogue between people, while the English dialogue feels less intense.

The conversations in Spanish may resonate with the Hispanic audience, with playfulness and emotional words being exchanged.

Even for those who aren’t native Spanish speakers, the actors display amazing performances. The characters intentions and moods shine through.

An example is the first episode when Griselda, played by Sofia Vergara, is in the car with the kids, the kids are teasing and making a fuss about the situation that they are in.

Griselda then gets frustrated with the kids’ antics because of a stressful situation. This led her to yell at them in Spanish. The reason for this frustration is because of her divorcing her husband.

Bilingual shows don’t usually flow well, but this show has dialogue that flows naturally.

The acting in this show shines as well. Each of the characters’ anger, frustration and overall emotions are shown by the way they speak and their reactions feel genuine.

Whenever Griselda is on the screen, it’s never a boring moment.

One moment that stands out and emphasizes her character is when she pressures Amilcar, played by Jose Zuniga, to allow her to be a part of the illegal drug business that Amilcar has authority in Miami.

Other characters shine as well, like Arturo Mesa played by Christian Tappan. Arturo is Griselda’s managing consultant regarding money and other matters that involve the criminal organization.

He is a loyal person who shows care for Griselda and her actions.

Aruturo stands out when he is worried about a deal that was presented to Griselda, giving her $15 million in exchange for taking over her route in shipping drugs to Miami.

The rejection of the deal leaves Arturo angrily saying, “It’s one thing to convince one man and very different to convince 20.” He says this to try and emphasize how this deal may have been the logical choice.

The pacing of the show is quick and due skipping one episode would cause a viewer to be extremely lost in the plot.

Each episode is action packed with shoot-outs and important dialogue that keeps the viewer glued to the screen. Despite that, each episode starts off slowly.

Once it’s half way through the episode, conflict rises till the end. Nearly all the important life changing events are in the middle or end of the show.

The show is roughly 55 minutes per episode, with six episodes making up this mini-series.

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