Asphalt repairs on campus

By Marc Anthony Martinez

Asphalt repairs of fire roadways and interior parking lots will be worked on by ELAC facilities throughout the month of February.

Heavy impact zones will be worked on during the four days off for President’s Day.

There is scheduled work for Friday and Saturday.

On Friday the four locations to be worked on are:

• the CDC parking lot

• G1 Parking lot

• the student drop-off area by the ELAC letters

• and the P1 Parking lot.

On Saturday the three locations to be worked on are:

• the fire road east of the South Gym to South of the Student Services building, covering both campus entrances from Avenida Cesar Chavez leading to the D1 parking structure.

• the fire road east of the Admissions building to south of the Plant Facilities building

• and south of the K5 building to north of the Fine Arts building.

Facilities stated that they apologize for any inconvenience it will cause as it might affect your path of travel around campus.

One of the places they have already fixed is the fire roadway on Avalanche Way next to the A6 Complex and baseball field.

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