Kinesiology staff keeps sports program functioning

By Andres Sahagun

ELAC has a total of 17 sports for men and women but there are three people ensuring everyone can enjoy the sport while keeping themselves out of the spotlight.

Ralph Wesson, Maria Navarro and Cindy Delgadillo are names most students might not know, but they keep the athletic department running.

These three people make up the kinesiology full-time staff. They also do more than what their titles entail. Wesson takes on duties for a variety of sports including football, baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball and soccer.

He makes sure teams can play their games and have practices.

One of his duties that gets tedious is having to wash the uniforms for all the teams. This involves the use of very old washing machines. This process alone can take over three hours to get all the uniforms ready for the teams the next day.

When it comes to game day, Wesson is the first on site to make sure everything is clean, the bleachers are ready and the scoreboard is out.

On certain days Wesson has to take care of two games in one day and will go back and forth to ensure both sports are set.

“Typically it was about a fifteen, sixteen-hour day,” Wesson said.

This is in addition to his full day of work and an away game.

Navarro and Delgadillo take charge of anything the sports department or the kinesiology classes require. They are constantly writing quotes to departments that need any new equipment or materials.

The two of them take care of multiple buildings and fields including C9, C1, C2, the football field, the swimming facility and the baseball field. They are in charge of all the locker rooms, restrooms and any light or computer not working in their buildings.

Navarro and Delgadillo have even had to deal with homeless seeking shelter in the facilities facilities they work on. They have had to remove homeless individuals on their own, during both morning and late night hours.

“One time I had a homeless young kid running out of the women’s locker running out the door,” Navarro said.

This is just one example of how this short-staffed trio goes outside of their job description to make sure everyone can enjoy their college experience. Homeless people sneak in using Floral Drive and the trio hope cameras or a fence can be installed there. Navarro and Delgadillo also make sure to take inventory of everything that arrives on campus.

Through all these obstacles and a few extra responsibilities, this trio make sure to keep the Sports Department running. All three work hard to make sure teachers can focus on teaching and students on learning. The three recall when they had a larger staff and student workers to assist them with all the work they do. Wesson, Navarro, and Delgadillo said student workers would help them in doing their jobs more effectively in the future.

Working in three of some of the oldest buildings on campus, they never fail to get all their work done without any fault. All three staff members keep high spirits and

attend to the needs of fellow staff and little issues.

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