Students concerned with costs for parking permits

By Valeria Covarrubias

ELAC welcomed new and returning students to the spring semester with a required parking permit fee.

The parking permit fee is $27, including the $7 ASU fee.

Students are able to purchase their parking permit for the semester at the Fiscal Office.

Parking permits must be purchased and properly displayed by hanging them from the rear view mirror, facing out or faced up on the dashboard and must be in clear view from today’s date untill the end of the semester.

Students don’t have a deadline to pay.

The parking permit can be purchased anytime during the semester however students had a two week grace period.

A few students have voiced their concerns about the permit cost.

“It’s pointless. I only come to campus one day out of the week for two hours and have to pay $27 for the semester to park my car,” student Adrianna Mejia said.

Mejia explained that she hopes her money is going toward good funds such as clubs and equipment that our campus might need and not toward anything pointless.

“College admissions should reduce the price, since most students don’t work as they are full time

students,” student Viviana Garay said.

Garay said the price might be too much for some students who are already struggling with funds.

“The price isn’t too expensive, but I see how it can be a struggle for certain students who don’t have a job and don’t have in-person class meetings everyday,” Garay said.

Joey Lara comes from Pasadena City College.

“Coming from a different community college, I think the price is not bad at all,” Lara said.

“I used to pay a fee of $64 just to park at the main campus for the semester this past fall,” Lara said.

Lara has no issue paying the permit fee as he saves extra money per semester at his new campus.

Students who park at any of the three parking lots on campus without a parking permit on site will receive a citation. The parking permit doesn’t guarantee a parking space, it’s based on a first-come first-served basis.

Parking permits are valid at any of the student parking lots at ELAC Campus, including any of the South Gate campus lots.

Student parking permits are only allowed in the unmarked stalls at any of the lots, making it important for students to read all posted signs.

Visitors must still pay a fee of $2 per day.

All visitors must pay their parking pass by a VISA or Mastercard and $1 bills. The payment machines don’t take any coins nor give any change back.

For further information, contact or visit the Fiscal Office located in G1 107.

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