Extended library hours enhancing access, support

By Jing Ye

Helen Miller Bailey Library extended its closing time from 7p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, effective spring semester 2024. ELAC students now have an additional hour to delve into their academic pursuits.

This extension marks a significant step in fostering an environment conducive to learning and research, further solidifying the library’s pivotal role in supporting student success. At the center of this initiative is Choonhee Rhim, director of the library.

She is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in library management.

Rhim’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping the services offered by ELAC’s library working there since 1995.

Rhim brings a depth of knowledge and a passion for facilitating access to information having previously worked at prestigious institutions such as UCLA Library and Los Angeles Central Library.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Helen Miller Bailey Library has remained steadfast in its commitment to serving the ELAC community.

Through innovative measures such as 24/7 online access and live chat support, students have been able to connect with expert librarians regardless of the physical library’s operating hours.

This seamless transition to virtual assistance underscores the library’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of students in an increasingly digital landscape.

Reflecting on the library’s journey, Rhim highlights the resilience and adaptability demonstrated in the face of adversity.

“Before the pandemic, we operated for 82 hours per week, providing extensive support to students,” Rhim said. “However, the onset of COVID-19 necessitated adjustments, leading to reduced hours and staffing challenges.”

Despite these setbacks, the library persevered, gradually reinstating services and extending hours to accommodate the growing demand.

“ELAC library and Cal State LA library are partners. Students here can check out books over at the Cal State library.” Rhim said.

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