Former men’s basketball star returns to coach

By Marina Gutierrez

Skills Developer and assistant coach Chandler Redix is a former Husky point guard who graduated from ELAC in 2017.

Redix said he started playing basketball when he was 2 years old and his parents quickly noticed how talented he was.

They helped him pursue his dreams and encouraged him along his basketball journey.

After graduating from Cathedral High School Redix joined a travel ball team. During this time one of his teammates was a player on ELAC’s basketball team. Their travel ball coach then suggested for Redix to join him at one of ELAC’s workouts.

After the workout, Head Coach John Mosley persistently recruited Redix to be a part of his team.

“I didn’t know much about the junior college scene. When my friend continued on to play at Washington State, I saw firsthand the opportunities playing at ELAC could create. That’s when I decided to join the team,” Redix said.

He was on the men’s basketball team for a total of three seasons.

During the 2014-2015 season he redshirted.

Redix then played as the starting point guard for the Huskies for both the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 season.

During his years at ELAC, Redix said he believes Mosley was at the prime of his coaching career.

Mosley had a lot to prove at the time, and it took a certain grit and grind to be a part of the team.

“My time playing for the Huskies consisted of lots of ups-and-downs and hard days,” Redix said.

His hard work paid off when the Huskies successfully made it to the Regional Finals in 2016 and the State Quarterfinals in 2017.

“When Redix was a part of my team we made the Elite Eight and then the Sweet16 the following season. He is an incredible player and showed great leadership skills,” Mosley said.

He then transferred to Kentucky Wesleyan. However, Redix decided the best option for him was to transfer to St.Martin’s University where he continued his collegiate basketball career.

During his time at St.Martin’s he was a part of a historical team. They won their conference, and had the most wins in school history. He was also awarded with All Conference Player of the Year.

Redix and his team helped pave the way for St.Martin’s basketball program, which now has one of the top programs in the country.

He felt more than prepared to play at a Division II level and attributes his success to the coaching he received at ELAC

His time spent playing as a Husky, implemented a certain standard and principle in him and helped heighten his understanding of the game.

Redix graduated in 2019, earning a bachelor’s degree in communications.

He said henever lost contact with the coaching staff at ELAC and maintained good relationships with them post-graduation.

He continued to consistently join the men’s basketball team for summer workouts to practice his skills.

He would sometimes offer his help to Coach Mosley, but he was never taken seriously.

He credits God’s timing for the opportunity to coach this year.

“I didn’t plan on this but I know God presented me with the opportunity because it matches my discerned purpose, to teach and help others,” Redix said.

When a phone call from Mosley led to him being offered the assistant coach position for the 2023-2024 season, Redix said there was no better way to help others than to help young adults become the best version of themselves.

“Any player in the program is more than welcome to come back, in any capacity. I was confident in Redix and his coaching ability because he knows the program, expectations and the standards. We share the same winning mindset and he brings along a certain standard of success,” Mosley said.

Redix is 27 years old and because of this he brings a new youthful energy to the team that helps him connect to his younger players.

“Coach Chandler isn’t much older than me and is easily relatable. I watched him create his own success story and I think highly of him,” captain Brandon Wilson said.

He makes it a point to build personal relationships with his players due to his own life experience.

He was once in their shoes and has also endured through a lot of hardships.

This is why he said wants to make sure his players know he is coming from a place of understanding and is trying to push them to their full potential.

“I give my players the tools to succeed and it’s up to them whether they want to utilize them or not,” Redix said.

“Personally he has helped me develop my touch and what moves to make within the continuity of Mosley’s offensive system,” Wilson said.

He said he is confident his coaching is making a positive impact in his player’s lives.

“I want my players to shift their victim mentality to an accountability mentality. Life is hard for everyone, but the discipline taught in basketball can reflect into their personal lives and help them succeed,” Redix said.

“We should all listen to Coach Chandler because he was someone who was in the system and understands what Mosley wants from both a coaching and player perspective. Whether he continues to coach at ELAC or elsewhere, I know he’ll make a big difference in the culture of the basketball program,” Wilson said.

Redix said his goal as a coach at ELAC is to win, and to teach his players they’re only a loser if they quit.

He wants them to continue to push through adversity and work hard to win.

The Huskies season ended on March 2 when they lost in the second round of playoffs. Their overall record is 21-9.

Redix plans to continue to pursue his passion until he can’t anymore.

He is currently training hard to return to playing basketball himself.

He also plans on going back to school to receive his Masters in Psychology.

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