Student radio station establishes leadership roles

By Jaime De Haro

KELA, the radio station at ELAC, introduced its new team and explored updated plans from one another on Wednesday night.

Members of the station shared where they stand in the recording process.

The station will consist of pre-recorded content.

“I think we can keep KELA as a podcast format rather than a live radio station, and then we’ll go from there,” Dylan O’Brien, photography and broadcasting professor, said.

Students have the option of taking on several leadership positions that require more time than others.

The station will be run by the managers, head of the station, producers, editors and sound engineers.

Carlos Nava, the head of the station will be in charge of keeping the station organized through scheduling, content and communications.

Co-managers Mario Hernandez and Ivan Velazquez will work alongside Nava as student leaders to oversee the station.

Nava said that he is eager to see the station in action.

“I plan to get the station going as soon as possible, and to get the ball moving (on content). We’ll make sure to push content out that people enjoy,” Nava said.

He said juggling school, work and the station can be a lot, but he will dedicate as much time as possible.

“I’m a pretty busy guy. I’m a full-time employee, I come to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m currently producing a music video with a friend. Making sure I schedule everything accordingly will be crucial to staying on top of it,” Nava said.

The producers of the station also had some input during the last meeting.

Students Daniel Machuca, Ashley Aispuro and Brandon Felix are some of the producers behind the station.

“I plan to bring in ELAC musicians and East Los Angeles artists to speak about their experience… how they started and what obstacles they’ve faced,” Aispuro said.

Aispuro plans to shine a light on artists who have yet to be discovered. She will be in charge of bringing in the talent, asking them questions and broadcasting their music.

“The actual interview itself will be around 30 minutes. But in terms of gathering the artists, working with sound engineers and the editors, that will most likely be two to three hours a week as a whole,” Aispuro said.

She is aware of how much time she will dedicate to the station as a student, so she will plan accordingly.

In the previous meeting in the Fall semester, students were introduced to what the station entails and what opportunities they can take advantage of.

O’Brien discussed the station’s history and when it began. He said that he wanted to work on bringing it back to ELAC.

Looking ahead to now, the station is on the verge of resuming its operations after a period of absence.

You can catch radio station shows on KELA’s website at which will soon be up and running.

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