ELAC students set goals at South Gate campus event

By Henry Caceres

The Associated Student Union set up an event to focus on student goals while participating in St. Patrick’s Day at the South Gate Campus on March 11.

The students running the event were

• ASU President Martin Romero

• Vice President of South Gate Leslie Reynoso

• South Gate Senator Jimena Villegas.

Students were provided tamales, hot drinks and given little green pots with goodies in them. Students wrote down their academic goals on pieces of paper that were shaped like gold coins and the staff would staple them on a panel behind their set up.

The board where students gold coins were placed was called the “Pot of Goals.” The duty of the Associated Student Union is to represent students and are at the ELAC South Gate campus to do so.

“We don’t want any students to be left behind with their experiences of what college should be and is. We as student government are here to make college as memorable as possible for the students.” South Gate is a part of our ELAC community. For us, there is no ‘Main Campus’, because both campuses are equally important,” Romero said.

Many students at the South Gate Campus appeared to be very pleased with ASU’s event because the event reminded students of the importance of the South Gate Campus to the school.

“I think it is very nice, especially since we are a small campus. You would expect events like this at the main campus. I like that everytime I come out of class there’s something for us here,” Claudia Maldonado said.

Karen Lopez, a South Gate Campus student said things are now changing for the better ever since more student oriented events have made appearances on this campus.

“I feel happy that we have these events here because before they were not available.

“I feel like they are very motivating. It is not a distraction but it is something that keeps you going.”

“These events here(South Gate Campus) help students feel like they are a part of it (the college experience),” Lopez said.

She believes these events are very efficient because not only do they encourage students to participate in campus events, they also expose them to new opportunities that may be available to them.

At every event, ASU displays flyers that can inform students of how their program works and what positions within the ASU are available.

ASU also gives students information about what they can do on and off the campus.

If any students want to follow their next events they can find them on Instagram or head to their office for more information.

Their next event at South Gate will be in April which will be something similar but with a superhero theme.

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