Review: ‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ searches for new hero

By Valeria Covarrubias

“Kung Fu Panda 4” keeps viewers entertained to the end of the film, seeing who will become the next Dragon Warrior.

Audiences are left extremely surprised on who the new Dragon Warrior is after all the obstacles the character faces.

The movie is inspirational and teaches the viewers to never give up.

‘Kung Fu Panda 4” starts with very dark scenery.

The main character Po, a giant panda, is voiced by Jack Black. Po believes and feels like he’s an orphan.

He feels this way at the of the film and throughout it as he relates to other character stories.

Po has to pick a new candidate to take his place as the Dragon Warrior, also known as the fighter of the city.

Po doesn’t agree that any candidates are able to handle his position, so here instates himself to continue to being the one who always saves the day.

It is hilarious when Po points to himself to be his own successor rather than the candidates.

He is being selfish by not giving anyone except himself the chance to be the Dragon Warrior.

Viola Davis voices the new villian, The Chameleon. The Chameleon turns into several villains from Po’s past, trying to defeat Po.

The Chameleon tries to be the next Dragon Warrior by portraying herself as capable of replacing Po.

Po’s main priority is to win the fight against The Chameleon.

Po faces rough obstacles through the city to try to find her.

The character Zhen is a fox dressed in a hooded blue tunic and brown trousers. She is known as a thief.

Zhen possibly knowns where to find The Chameleon, so Po recruits her help in his search.

Po later realizes that the most wanted fox in the city is Zhen as she is guiding him to find Chameleon.

This causes more problems throughout the movie.

As Po and Zhen try to get through a maze of obstacles in the city, Zhen tries to stay positive.

Po is convinced by a dream he has that he isn’t able to win the fight against The Chameleon.

Midway through the film, several characters reveal their true personalities and motivations to each other.

Many characters try to fight for the position of being the next dragon warrior.

As Po trains to be a new upcoming warrior, he decides to become the spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace.

Po discovers that all heroes are found in the most unexpected places of life.

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