Review: Netflix’s ‘The Gentlemen’ delivers fun, entertaining moments

CLUCK CLUCK— Freddy, played by Daniel Ings, uses a shotgun to kill Dixon, played by Peter Serafinowicz, for being humiliated and on drugs. Courtesy of

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

Netflix’s new TV show “The Gentlemen” is a wild ride that gives viewers exciting action scenes, quick-witted dialogue and characters that viewers will either love or despise. 

Eddie Horniman, played by Theo James, is a military police officer with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization who is the son of a wealthy aristocrat. 

Eddie gets news his father is at death’s door. 

He leaves the military to have time with his father. 

Eddie has a brother named Freddy Horniman, played by Daniel Ings, who believes he is going to inherit the father’s estate. 

Ultimately Eddie inherits all the valuable assets, but also an illegal business no one knew about.

The business is right on his family’s property.

The acting in “The Gentlemen” is amazing and each character is memorable. 

By far the funniest is Jimmy, played by Michael Vu, a pothead who works under Susie Glass, played by Kaya Scodelario. Jimmy helps run a marijuana distribution and production business. 

He is the comedic relief of the show, always taking things very lightly even in the field of work he is in where people are brutally killed. 

Ings plays his character amazingly. 

His selfishness and arrogance make the audience fume for the action he takes. 

He is the root of trouble, but his antics are one of the reasons why he makes the scene entertaining. 

The dialogue between characters loses its charm throughout the show, especially Susie and Eddie, even though it’s funny and quick. 

It is nice a serious show has this type of interaction allowing the characters’ charisma to show when speaking to one another. 

The cinematography of “The Gentlemen” is generic, but the action scenes are entertaining. 

One example is when Mercy, played by Martha Millan, murders Toni Blair, played by Cameron Cook, viewers get this low shot as blood spills and covers Mercy. 

Her expression of joy in committing this act is shot beautifully. 

Another scene that stands out was a continuous cut of Tommy Dixson, played by Peter Serafinowicz, teasing and belittling Freddy. 

He does this by making Freddy dress and dance like a chicken. 

The audience gets to see Freddy over the next few minutes be humiliated, making him angry. Then Freddy comes back with the family shotgun and kills Dixson. 

A great visual that “The Gentlemen” applies is when people are making a plan or negotiating it is shown in a yellow text.

The text is use to guide the viewers what is going on.

“The Gentlemen” is a great show to binge watch and have a few laughs.

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