Review: ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ a thrilling spinoff

OPEN WIDE—A parasyte lures a civilian to harvest their limbs for survival. Courtesy of Screen Rant.

By Cameron Maldonado-Olea

“Parasyte: The Grey” is an amazing live-action spinoff of an animated series that captures entertaining, bloody and action-packed scenes with interesting character portrayals. 

“Parasyte: The Grey” takes place in South Korea and focuses on Jeong Su-in, played by Jeon So-nee, a 29-year-old food market worker whose life changes due to worm-like extraterrestrials taking over people’s bodies. 

One of the extraterrestrials saves Jeong after she is attacked by a person. 

The worm fails to take over Jeong’s control of her body. Despite this, the worm still gives Jeong all of the abilities of other parasyte-infested people. They must rely on each other throughout the show to survive.

“Parasyte: The Grey” captures exciting and shocking scenes. 

One example is of a man who is saved by a tactical team through the use of a smoke grenade. 

As the task force fights the group of parasytes, the audience is treated to interesting action shot in a shoulder view of a task force member shooting a parasyte with a shotgun. 

The task force shoots a capture net to one of the parasyte to reel it in and has four people riddle the parasyte with bullets.

 After the fight, detective Choi Joon-kyung, played by Lee Jung-hyun discovers a room littered with human body parts. 

The show does not shy away from close-up shots of the human remains, as they sit in a glass panel storage.

A side character that stands out in this TV show is detective Choi. 

She is a famous investigator in Korea who lost her husband to a parasyte while they were shopping in a grocery store. 

The emotional trauma causes her to be a bit intense and obsessed with the hunt for parasytes. 

Jung plays Choi with exceptional delivery for the character. 

Jung’s expression conveys how the trauma of losing her husband has caused her personality to shift and become intense when it comes to parasytes.

 An example of this is when she explains to other detectives what the parasites are. Her facial expressions and mannerisms in explaining the creatures show anger, hate and passion. 

“Parasyte: The Grey” as a story differs from the original animated show.

The show makes some serious changes from the source material, taking place in Korea instead of Japan. 

The whole cast is completely different. The main protagonist is a 29-year-old grocery worker, the original animated series the protagonist was a 17-year-old high school male.

The TV show has a lot of differences from the original, yet it’s engaging for those who like action and has a decent story that doesn’t bore. 

It has six episodes, roughly 50 minutes per episode. 

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