Review: MLB The Show home-run-hit

By Raymond Nava

MLB The Show 24 is a fantastic addition to the series with numerous features and upgrades to the baseball game from the previous year that make it worth buying even if a little more could have been added.

The Show 24, published by Sony’s San Diego Studios, released on March 19 on new and old generation Xbox and PlayStation systems as well as the Nintendo Switch.

Among some of the new features include more storylines for the Negro Leagues, which were introduced in last year’s game, as well as a Derek Jeter storyline and a first in the game’s franchise, the ability to play as a female ball player.

The biggest change to the game is the introduction of being able to play as a female ball player, which is something that has yet to happen in the MLB.

This is featured in the new Road to The Show storyline for female ball players. The execution of the game mode is done flawlessly which many female fans of baseball would appreciate. 

The inclusion of female ball players was no doubt in part due to the inclusion of Toni Stone in the negro league storylines.

Stone was one of 3 women to play in the negro leagues and is the first woman ball player to be added to the game.

The Negro Leagues story is a continuation of last year’s single player mode telling the stories of who players who played in the league. The new players for this year include Stone, as well as Josh Gibson and Buck Leonard.

Hank Arron, who had already been in the game in the previous years, also gets his own storyline from his time in the league before the MLB.

Just as they were last year, these stories are presented very well and do a good job of making the player get invested into these historical ball players and their importance to the game of baseball, completing game moments based on events from the players time in the league. 

A massive change made to the presentation of the game was the addition of new commentary for minor league games in modes like RTTS and Franchise mode. In past years, the same commentary would be used for both major league and minor league games. This year, minor league games are commentated by only one broadcaster.

The addition of a minor league commentator helps distinguish the leagues from each other, giving an engaging element that was previously missing from the minor league.

One big change was made to the pinpoint pitching method. Pinpoint involves tracing a pattern in order to throw a pitch. The more accurate the tracing, the more accurate the pitch is thrown.

This year, some pitches, such as the sinker and sweeping curve, have more harder patterns.

The tracing is also flipped for left-handed pitchers. This takes time to get used to but is a change that is welcomed.

MLB The Show 24 is a great game that is worth picking up.

There are enough additions and changes that separate the game from last year. Baseball fans will not be disappointed.

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