Instructor encourages children to learn art, culture

By Bryan Pedroza Second and third graders from Open Magnet Charter School visited the East Los Angeles College Art Department on Monday for an outreach ceramics event. ELAC art instructor Chris Turk hosted this event.  He has been hosting outreach art programs for young children for 10 years, mostly with local schools. Turk infused his art activity with a history lesson.  The students learned about the different cultures that have immigrated…

March 28, 2012

‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’ mixes comedy with classic story

By J.C. Casarez Before a sold out audience at the Black Box Theater, the play “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead,” opened Friday night. The Tom Stoppard play is presented by the Speech, Theatre Arts and Broadcasting Department and is directed by W. Colin McKay and David Laird Scott. The play is based on characters from the Shakespeare classic “Hamlet.” It focuses on the travels and actions of the main characters, …

March 24, 2012

Project Ethos sets this season’s trends

By Megan Perry The heels were strapped, the bow ties tied and the glitter was on for the Project Ethos spring fashion show at the Avalon in Hollywood on March 13. The trends have been set and it is final.The trends seem to be open backs, floral print, light vibrant colors and glittered fabric to make the look a little more bold. Ten up-and-coming designers debuted their latest collections for…

March 21, 2012

East Los Angeles Latin Jazz Ensemble brings energy to first spring concert

By Maria Gonzalez From classics to self-written songs, the East Los Angeles Latin Jazz Ensemble got the audience moving to the beat at their first concert Friday. “Cuarto de Tula,” a classic Cuban song that has been performed by some of the best musicians of all time, highlighted the night and provided a challenge to the ensemble with a remarkable performance that was true to its legacy. The song was about…

March 20, 2012

John Carter dazzles viewers with special effects

By Erik Luna Disney’s new movie “John Carter,” dazzles viewers with its thrilling action scenes, comedic dialogue and fabulous Digital 3D visual effects. The movie, based on Edgar Rice Burrough’s novel “A Princess of Mars,” takes place on Earth and Mars, or Jarsoom and Barsoom as they are known on Mars. On Earth, Carter is a rogue confederate captain in search of a mythical cave of gold and will stop…

March 16, 2012

Silent House remake has hits, misses

By Kien Ha “Silent House” is an American psychological thriller and remake of the Uruguayan original film of the same name, “La Casa Muda.” Both films were shot to appear as one continuous take, and follows main character Sarah as she faces the horror that unfolds within her family vacation home. The film opens with Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), hanging out by a lake alone. She returns to a house nearby…

March 16, 2012

Cortez transforms objects into artwork

By Maria Gonzalez Xavier Cazares Cortéz’ exhibit “SUDDENLY WE HAD nothing,” showing at the Vincent Price Art Museum, is an artistic collage depicting globalization through unique techniques and messages. “My artistic production cycle involves actively taking systems and structures and destroying them. Then recovering the pieces and transforming them into something new,” said Cortéz . When entering the HOY Space wing of the museum, the overwhelming objects of this collection are…

March 8, 2012

Instructor brings rhythm to recital hall

By Dulce Carillo Smooth urban jazz music and laughs from Bob Dawson’s jokes were what came to be from the First Friday Jazz Concert at the Recital Hall in S2. The East Los Angeles Jazz Quintet are five incredible musicians who have known each other for years and call each other brothers that headlined the semester’s first concert event. Justo Almario plays the sax and clarinet, Ramon Banda,  drums, Guillermo Guzman,…

February 29, 2012

Di Composers brings back pachuco boogie to stage

By Erik Luna Who would think the S2 recital hall at East Los Angeles College could be used as a time machine? That’s exactly what the case was for Di Composers’s last concert for the winter semester last Thursday. Headlining the event was Pachuco Jose y los Diamantes, which translates into Pachuco Joe and the Diamonds. The nine-piece band plays a style of music dubbed pachuco boogie that was quite…

February 7, 2012

“Extremely Loud and incredibly Close” leads controversies

By Anna Ortega A mysterious key found in the aftermath of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2011, leads a young boy on a quest to discover his fathers secrets of that horrific day. The story of Oskar Schell (Thomas Horn), a young boy who loses his father (Tom Hanks) during the September 11, terrorist attacks. Searching through his father’s things, Oskar discovers a mysterious key and feels compelled to search around…

January 26, 2012