Letter to the Editor

I appreciate the paper calling on students to be active in the political process, however, I do not appreciate such a one-sided presentation of Proposition 10. The writer of the article cited ballotpedia (a wiki) for arguments in support of prop. 10 and a pro prop. 10 website for arguments against it. In the spirit of supporting a knowledge-based community, I call upon research and facts. Research conducted by the…

October 18, 2018

Prop. 12 helps caged animals

October 15, 2018

By Michael Dominguez California voters should vote yes on Proposition 12, which will require specific farm animals to be cage free. These animals include egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs, and calves used for veal. These animals spend most of their lives in the same small cage every day. While in these cages, they eat, sleep, and defecate. Hens also lay their eggs in the same cage. No animal should be in…


Prop. 10 threatens property owners

October 14, 2018

By Jerry Flores Voters should vote no on Proposition 10 in the California general election on Nov. 6. The new proposition, supported by the Democratic party, seeks to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Act, which has been active since 1995. “The Costa-Hawkins Rental Act is a statute that limits the rent control in California and establishes that cities cannot enact rent control on housing occupied after February 1, 1995,” according to…


Legalization finally comes to street vendors

By Michael Barragan Governor Jerry Brown’s approval of Senate Bill 946 on Sept. 17 is a step in the right direction for street vendors in California. The bill will change the law to legalize street vending in California, something that should have been done long ago. The law will allow for those with previous street vending convictions and pending citations to petition for dismissal. Under the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act,…

October 13, 2018

Proposal threatens environmental regulations on automobiles

By Anthony Aguilar The Trump administration proposed a plan that would make automobile manufacturers not required to make cars and trucks more fuel efficient every year, starting 2020. The administration’s proposal says, “Automakers would only have to produce cars that achieve a real-world average of about 29 miles a gallon from 2021 to 2025.” This will take the standard that we have now, which is 43 miles a gallon, and…

October 8, 2018

Mental health services offer help to students

By Miguel Barragan Mental health services are more important than ever, after new international survey revealed one third of college freshman suffer from mental health symptoms. The World Health Organization’s World Mental Health International College Student Initiative, published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology on Sept. 13, had over 13,000 students from nineteen colleges in eight countries, including Mexico and the U.S., participate. Researchers found 35 percent of students reported…

October 7, 2018

Voters should defeat permanent daylight savings time

October 6, 2018

By Kaleen Luu Voters at the California general election on Nov. 6 should vote no to Proposition 7 and say yes to keeping daylight saving time as it is. If the measure passes, it would mean permanently putting the state out of sync with the rest of the country. True, there would no longer be a need to change our clocks every other season, but really, the minor inconvenience twice…


OPINION: Dog, cat comparison invalid: both cute

October 1, 2018

There is no such thing as the perfect pet because people are different and have different needs. Throughout our campus, and everywhere else for that matter, people of different backgrounds and many different interests feel the need to compare the most popular pets in the world; dogs and cats.


OPINION: Netflix should not take down ‘13 Reasons Why’

The American Family Association is urging people to sign a petition to have the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” removed from their streaming platform for glorifying suicide. While the show does not accurately depict real life suicide, it’s portrayal can still be beneficial and it should not be removed.

September 28, 2018