OPINION: Cal Grant requires aid increase

California Community Colleges should expand the Cal Grant program that gives to more than 300,000 students a year. The California Community Colleges’ Board of Governors voted to formally ask the next Legislature and governor to expand the Cal Grant in their 2019-2020 Budget and Legislative Request published in September.

November 10, 2018

Mainstream media embraces new wave of slasher films

October 30, 2018

By Gustavo Buenrostro Slasher films are making their way back into the mainstream. The slasher genre of films are horror films with a primary antagonist going after unsuspecting victims. Some of the tropes of these types of horror films are brutal and gruesome kills and victims who don’t realize that a killer is after them until the killer gets a few of the victims’ friends. These films also have what…


Voting affects the future of all

By Alex Avila  The midterm elections are on Nov. 6 and everyone will be talking about it until then. All the talk of politics and propositions sometimes causes people to become confused and unsure of their positions on everything. Voting is  important and a human right everyone deserves. Especially for those who had to fight for their rights to vote in America, such as minorities, who got the right to…

October 27, 2018