Former ELAC student, journalism adviser retires

June 3, 2020

Professor Sylvia Rico-Sanchez has given her all as a journalism professor and Campus News co-advisor throughout her career giving praise to East Los Angeles College. At the end of the Spring 2020 semester Rico-Sanchez will be retiring after 35 years of service to ELAC students and the community.


Beaches should be avoided to get through pandemic

May 5, 2020

The beach is a place where we can go and enjoy the ocean breeze and create summer memories with the ones we enjoy being with but now is not the time to do that, we should continue to stay home and defeat Covid-19 so that we as people can create new summer memories.


Vice series explores Chris Benoit story

Courtesy of Vice
April 14, 2020

While there has been a sports shutdown due to COVID-19, the only sport that has continued during the shutdown is professional wrestling. The companies World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling have been doing live shows without audiences and giving people entertainment to enjoy at home.


Staying fit still possible while stuck indoors

By Sonny Tapia Working out, to some, is difficult enough with squats, bench presses and dead-lifts, but now the COVID-19 pandemic closed all gyms, making it harder. Avid gym goers were left wondering what to do once it was  announced that all gyms would be shutting down operations. Although the gyms are closed, this does not mean people cannot stay in shape during quarantine. There are multiple outlets to teach…

April 8, 2020

Elac student steps up to fight campus hunger

By Juan Calvillo  Though East Los Angeles College’s administration takes steps to tackle food insecurity on campus, Monika Rueda, a current ELAC student, is compelled to do her part. She distributes food to students in need across from the Helen Miller Library every other Tuesday. She spoke with Cecilia Cruz, coordinator for the student Health Center, and asked what was the most immediate course of action she could take. “She…

March 2, 2020

Eating during class

Students should be able to eat during class. Professors should not set the rule to not be able to eat or have drinks in class. Some professors have that rule because they might not want the classroom to get dirty or messy. Others set that rule for reasons they do not disclose as to why. Every student has a different schedule for school and what goes on in their lives. Some have…

December 4, 2019