• L.A. parades over election’s results

Voter’s importance overlooked

Politics have torn families apart, literally and figuratively. Some people are hesitant to vote, because they are afraid of what other people will think.
Some disregard voting, because they don’t understand it and avoid doing so to prevent headaches. People have the right not to vote, but when lives are at stake it is crucial to help support those in dire situations.


“The Mandalorian” is back and ready to excite fans with missions and antics from The Child

Season two of The Mandalorian brings its viewers a mix of action, suspense and laughter all at once.
Viewers who binge watched season one surely remember the calm, cool and collected energy the Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal, brings to the table. The lone bounty hunter continues his quest this season with the child at his side, all while running into bumps on the road along the way.


New Bring Me The Horizon album goes into the realness of anxiety and depression from COVID-19

Bring Me The Horizon’s new album “Post Human: Survival Horror” is a nostalgic mind-blowing album.
Over the years, Bring Me The Horizon has strayed away from its metalcore roots with its most iconic album being “Sempiternal,” making them a staple in the rock scene.
The band has evolved from a deathcore sound to a mix of alternative-rock and metalcore.