• Homelessness, domestic violence connection discussed
  • Presidential candidate visits ELAC
  • Library community computers downsized after incidents
  • ELAC Foundation, partners fight hunger

ELAC’s sanitary standards

East Los Angeles College is home to thousands of students that have different preferences of cleanliness. Some students like to keep their environment clean, while some students don’t mind the filthiness. Littering seems like an outdated offense, however, it is prevalent and seen all over campus on a daily basis. Different cultures have different ideas and standards of hygiene. People often represent their values in the practices they partake in…


A quiet place to study

Not all students are the same, they come from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnic groups. Some students find going to school as a grueling task, while others enjoy interacting with their peers.  Some have the luxury to go home in between classes, while some are forced to stay at school since the commute home is an inconvenience. Personal time is hard to come by while at school all…