Tacos de Baja Ensenada serves mouth-watering fish tacos

By Mario De leon Looking for a go-to destination for quality food at East Los Angeles College can be a task.  Just two miles away from campus, students will run into a not-so-well kept secret. Tacos de Baja Ensenada is located on the corner of Whittier Blvd and Oakford Ave. This restaurant serves some of the best seafood tacos in Monterey Park. It is a small restaurant with a simple décor…

December 3, 2014

Elans pay $1 for representation

By Isaac Tovar It is for your advantage to vote “yes” in a special election today.  This small increase will give ELAC something students need the most during these economically tough times: a voice. Elans will be voting to pass a $1 additional fee to tuition that will allow students to be represented in our state Capitol and Board of Governors. Special elections will be held in front of the parking…

November 9, 2011