Academic Senate concern grows over Chancellor Oakley

May 30, 2018

By Julio Sanchez Although several notions and resolutions were approved on Tuesday’s senate meeting, the impact over the lack of consultation from the California Community State Chancellor was the most discussed topic. Academic senates throughout the states are growing concerns over how the state initiatives are being implemented and are also seeing California Community State Chancellor Eloy Oakley fail to fulfill the California Community College mission. Eloy Ortiz Oakley was…


Confidence lost in State Chancellor Oakley

May 23, 2018

By Noe Ortega The Academic Senate joined other colleges in California with a vote of no confidence in State Chancellor Eloy Oakley yesterday. ELAC’s no-confidence vote echoed the votes of other college academic senates notifying the Chancellor of their disapproval of him. The vote came in response to the Chancellor’s lack of consultation with the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges about recent state initiatives like AB 705 (a bill…


Academic Senate votes in favor of zero, low-cost textbooks

By Maria Marroquin Senate members voted in favor of East Los Angeles College adapting Open Educational Resources (OER) and zero or low-cost textbooks during the Academic Senate meeting last Tuesday. The Senate bill 1359 requires all California State Universities and California Community Colleges to promote the selection of course materials that will result in cost savings to students. Plans of adding an icon in the courses catalog to inform students…

May 2, 2018

Low enrollment pushes one-time procedure for winter

By Vanessa Valdez There will be a one time change to class cancellation procedure for winter semester, canceling classes with fewer than 15 students until close to the opening of the session. As voted by the Academic Senate, and in agreement with the administration, the upcoming winter semester will have a one time change in regards to East Los Angeles College’s class cancellation procedure. Department chairs will consult with deans…

December 3, 2017

Academic senate votes to promote community policing

By Steven Adamo  The academic senate voted unanimously Tuesday to recommend that the administration—in conjunction with the academic senate—work with the sheriff’s department to promote community policing. The resolution is an important first step toward a one-on-one approach to campus policing. Vice president of the academic senate Jeff Hernandez relayed concerns from students and visitors over being intimidated by the SUVs on campus. Some students complained that the SUVs are…

March 15, 2017

Budget committee prepares for department requests

 By Russell Zazueta Unfunded augmentation requests were under review during a meeting held by the East Los Angeles College Budget Committee on Monday.    These requests for the 2016-2017 fiscal year will be presented before the ELAC Shared Governance Council (ESGC) to vote on. A UAR is when a department chair needs an increase in their department’s budget, needs more materials and supplies or needs to add faculty or staff…

September 21, 2016

Academic Senate votes against academic renewal unit increase

By Joshua Inglada The decision to keep academic renewal at 18 units instead of 30 was made by the District Academic Senate on May 12. President Alex Immerblum presented the option of whether or not the units needed for academic renewal should be raised from 18 to 30. Academic renewal allows students to have their transcript reviewed and have 18 units worth of bad grades removed from it. They must meet…

May 19, 2015