Local cafe leaves lukewarm results

By Alejandra Carrillo Just a five-minute drive from East Los Angeles College, Holy Grounds Coffee and Tea will give customers an old school, traditional experience. This cafe has a calm, relaxing environment created by the soothing sound of a fountain located on the outside patio. The indoor walls are decorated with paintings and Day of the Dead paraphernalia. While the space itself is a sight to see, the blends they…

April 24, 2014

Artist targets specific audience

  By Alejandra Carrillo The Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College hosts alumnus Rafa Esparza’s,  first solo exhibition, “HOY Space,” now through April 25. Esparza’s exhibit displays casts of trees from Elysian Park and birds made out of Nike Cortez shoes along with spray-painted quotes on the walls. He uses a quote from Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet to represent the theme behind his…

March 19, 2014

Syria coverage overlooked, replaced by MTV

By: Alejandra Carrillo Television and alternate media, like the Internet, have been focusing on matters of much less importance rather than on events that do matter. This summer was award season for the entertainment industry. The MTV Video Music Awards along with the Teen Choice Awards were the hot topics as the days passed on. Little coverage was given by  news channels on the controversial events occurring in Syria. What was covered…

September 18, 2013

Online daters need to be careful about whom they date

By Alejandra Carrillo   Online dating has become very popular since the turn of the century, but people should be more cautious of whom they meet online. Well known dating sites like match.com, eharmony.com and plentyoffish.com have opened many opportunities for people to meet their significant other. Popular websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Tumblr are not considered dating sites, but can still be used to meet and date people…

March 13, 2013

Broadway performer becomes instructor

    By Alejandra Carrillo   Longtime Broadway performer and professional actress Wanda-Lee Evans brings hertalents to East Los Angeles College in the performance “African Cultural Influences in Latin America” on Monday. Evans began dancing at a young age. She was born in Florida, but moved to Boyle Heights, California during her elementary school years. She says she grew up in the ghetto with five siblings and parents who encouraged…

March 13, 2013

Rep. fee advocates education

  By Alejandra Carrillo   After 10 years struggling to establish the student representation fee, the East Los Angeles College Associated Student Union were able to get a majority vote last Winter. The student rep fee made its way into community colleges in the year 1988. Over the years, half of the community colleges in California implemented the student representation fee. During the Winter semester, ELAC earned $7,909. According to…

March 6, 2013

Former bully victim follows dream

  By Alejandra Carrillo Overcoming bullyingcaused by a speech impediment, East Los Angeles College student, Ruben Perez, now finds himself interviewing up-and-coming artists from the United States and Mexico. Perez suffers from a communication disorder known as stuttering. It is a  disorder in which the flow of speech is broken by repetitions, prolongations or abnormal stoppages of sounds and syllables. “The speech side of my brain, which I believe is…

February 12, 2013

Dedicated Christina Aguilera fan gets over 3 million views

  By Alejandra Carrillo   Carlos Gomez, a Psychology major at East Los Angeles College and self-proclaimed as Christina Aguilera’s number one fan, began a fan page dedicated to her that has gotten a little over 3 million hits. Gomez, who is soon to be a graduate of Cal State University, Los Angeles, started his fan page three years ago with hopes of connecting Aguilera fans worldwide. He became a…

December 5, 2012

Free tutoring at East Los Angeles College

By Alejandra Carrillo   East Los Angeles College offers free tutoring for subjects such as Math and English. Math and English have always given some students trouble therefore, Elans should take more advantage of these free tutoring sessions. These students may be too proud to admit they need help in any subject but the truth of the matter is that being helped can only benefit the student. For instance, tutoring…

November 21, 2012

Estrada triumphs over challenges

By Alejandra Carrillo  Dedicated, straight-forward and a people person, is what East Los Angeles College newest Associated Student Union president, Jennifer Estrada, describes herself as. Though her presidential term  officially begins July 1, she is still involved with students, serving as  Chief Delegate. In this position she oversees the clubs on campus as well as the vice president and proposals for any ASU meetings. Recently she served as a judge on a…

May 16, 2012