Jazz band ends semester on a good note

By Ariana Renteria The East Los Angeles Jazz band ends their last jazz concert for the spring semester with great potential.  The band waited on stage as the lights faded down, the blue mood lights faded up and Director Bob Dawson walked on stage sporting a black suit and a yellow tie. The band came together last Friday.  Dawson began tapping his foot and the band began their first piece very…

May 9, 2012

‘Mamitas’ debuts in lecture hall

By Ariana Renteria The lecture hall at the Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College begins to crowd up with students, alumni and guests of all ages. The room is dim as chatter resonates throughout a large screen hanging from the wall at the front of the room. A woman walks in handing out postcard-sized flyers of the latest Echo Park up and coming feature film “Mamitas”.  Written…

May 2, 2012

ELAC student follows his dream

By Ariana Renteria  The fresh air surrounds 24-year-old Jonathan Perez, an East Los Angeles College student, as he bikes down and around the streets of San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles. He is undocumented and without any fear of being out of the shadows. When Perez was in tenth grade, he stood up against the idea that his classmates and he were being criminalized. Following a questioning and being…

March 28, 2012

Theatre students find outside stage

By Ariana Renteria Echoes of voices can be heard walking down the ramp toward the P2 theatre building. Gradually the echoes begin to make sense. The voices are not random. They are poetry leaving the mouths of East Los Angeles College students. The students are speaking words from the likes of “Hamlet,” “Rhinoceros in Love” and “Personal Messages.” Not only are these words flowing from students mouths, they are passionately acted  out…

November 23, 2011