LACMA9 Art+Film Lab comes to ELAC

By Jesus Figueroa The Los Angeles County Museum of Art collaborates with the East Los Angeles College Foundation Board and East Los Angeles College to bring LACMA9 Art+Film Lab to Monterey Park from Jan. 10 to Feb. 9. The Art+Film Lab launched last June brings engaging programs to nine communities throughout Southern California – Redlands, San Bernardino, Altadena, Monterey Park, Hacienda Heights, Montebello, Compton, Inglewood and Torrance. The Art+Film lab…

January 2, 2014

Applied music majors prepare for recital

By Megan G. Razzetti East Los Angeles College’s Music Department is holding a student recital at noon on Wednesday, December 4th in building S2. Admission is free. This is the third recital of the semester, and includes students that have been accepted into the applied music program. According to Dr. Tony Lupica, the Director of Choirs, the recital will consist of singers, a string orchestra ensemble and many more that…

November 27, 2013

In the Spotlight: VPAM hosts discussion with exhibiting artist

November 6, 2013

By Jesus Figueroa Artist Shizu Saldamando will discuss “When You Sleep: A Survey of Shizu Saldamando” on Saturday starting at 1 p.m. at the Vincent Price Art Museum. Saldamando will be available to sign the accompanying catalogue created specifically for this exhibit. The catalogue was crowd funded through USA Projects with support from more than 100 of Shizu’s family, friends and supporters. VPAM director Karen Rapp, along with other staff…


Vincent Price Art Museum, theatre entertain in summer

By Jesus Figueroa Summer has fewer students around the East Los Angeles College campus, but the Art Department kept on going with artist Carmen Argote’s exhibit “720 Sq. Ft.: Shape Seeps Through,” a Shakespeare workshop and the world premiere of the music video for “Luna Lovers” by Las Cafeteras. The Large Gallery, located on the second floor of the Vincent Price Art Museum, housed the large carpet installation from the…

September 12, 2013

‘Shapes Seeps Through’ onto VPAM

June 15, 2013

By Jesus Figueroa Visitors at the Vincent Price Art Museum enjoy a reminiscent experience at Carmen Argote’s “720 sqft: Shape Seeps Through” exhibit.  VPAM’s large gallery displays the carpet from the childhood home that Argote grew up on for about 22 years. The carpet is painted with white paint 12 inches from the perimeter. “I started painting the carpet and then noticed the stains seeping through.  It’s almost like a…


Artist displays ‘Paletas’ at ‘MexiCali Biennial’

March 6, 2013

  By Jesus Figueroa   Rafa Esparza returns to East Los Angeles College with “Paletas de Sangre” (Blood Popsicles) on display in the “MexiCali Biennial 2013” exhibit at the Vincent Price Art Museum. “I liked how the work dealt  with the gruesome and violent subject of narco trafficking and revenge killings. It is terrorism intertwined with a seemingly harmless act of buying candy or in this case paletas from the…


Cortez transforms objects into artwork

By Maria Gonzalez Xavier Cazares Cortéz’ exhibit “SUDDENLY WE HAD nothing,” showing at the Vincent Price Art Museum, is an artistic collage depicting globalization through unique techniques and messages. “My artistic production cycle involves actively taking systems and structures and destroying them. Then recovering the pieces and transforming them into something new,” said Cortéz . When entering the HOY Space wing of the museum, the overwhelming objects of this collection are…

March 8, 2012

‘Three Louies’ reminisce on Chicano Moratorium day

By Lourdes Espinoza A comedy of the 1970 Chicano Moratorium drew a full-house last Saturday as a cast of local artists recalled their memories of that eventful day. The performance took place inside the Lecture Hall at the Vincent Price Art Museum and featured Louie Perez, founding member of legendary rock group Los Lobos; Luis J. Rodriguez, renowned author of the book“Always Running,” and Luis Torres, award-winning broadcast journalist from CBS…

November 16, 2011

Art focuses on Chicana struggle

By Lourdes Espinoza As a supplement to “After The Gold Rush: Reflections and Postscripts on the National Chicano Moratorium of August 29, 1970,” the Vincent Price Art Museum has hosted a number of postscript events for the duration of the exhibition through Dec. 16. “Cuentos De Amor y Resistencia: The Tenacity of Chicana Artistic Expression” was held Saturday from noon – 3 p.m. inside the small gallery, lecture hall and…

October 13, 2011