Demand rises for indoor fans

East Los Angeles College administrators will allow indoor sports to have fans in the stands during home games. It has been a month since the volleyball and water polo teams have been playing without fans during home games.

October 6, 2021

Athletes who wear masks ensure their mental health

East Los Angeles College makes a positive step forward to have successful and healthy in-person courses, including sports. Many dedicated athletes are eager to play again. However, this would require that they wear masks during practice and games. Student-Athletes who wear masks while playing are extraordinary. This will ensure the safety of players, fans, coaches and referees.

September 23, 2021

Future of LGBTQ athletes looks bright

By Manny Miguel   Earlier this month 24-year-old University of Missouri football athlete Michael Sam made history by coming out publicly as being gay. He broke many barriers that no one would have thought would be broken, and he did it in a sport that is dominated by machismo. Sam made his historic announcement on ESPN’s Outside the Line with Chris Connelly. “I’m not afraid to tell the world of…

February 26, 2014

Pressure may cause performance enhancing drug use

By Antonio Romo   Performance enhancing drugs at the college level is scarce, but the accessibility and pressure the athletes undergo can be a defining factor to steroid use. College level sports are slowly becoming a mainstream attraction to students and American followers nationwide. Coaches now look at college level sports as potential for drafts, because now-more-than-ever players are being scrutinized for their statistics, tendencies, and physical appearance. All of…

May 20, 2013