Driving under the influence destroys lives, families

By Augustine Ugalde  More than two months have passed since Fontana resident Elizabeth Carolee Culbreath took it upon herself to drive the wrong way on the 60 freeway taking the lives of six people, including her sister. The horrific accident scene was a carnage of wrecked vehicles and bloody bodies strewn across the westbound Pomona Freeway in Diamond Bar. Alcohol was a factor in the wreck, leading to charges of…

May 1, 2014

Engineering club inspires youth

By Augustine Ugalde In an attempt to inspire Eastside youth into an engineering career in academics and beyond, the engineering club held the “Noche de Ciencias,” (Science Night) last Friday night in Ingalls Auditorium. The event was designed to inform parents and students of the college enrollment and funding process. More than 150 parents, students and community members joined with club volunteers and their sponsors in staging their version of…

October 2, 2013

Former college president dedicated to helping others

By Gus Ugalde Helping veterans get through the rigors of college is what Francisco (Frank) Quiambao does best. Quiambao is a former West Los Angeles College president and Harbor College interim president who wanted to give back to the students he has worked with in education for more than 40 years. Quiambao was born in Boston, but calls California home now and is much traveled. He earned his bachelor’s degree in…

May 22, 2013

Milestone honors late English teacher Lem

By Augustine Ugalde   Touching tributes to the late Carol Lem, coupled with original student literary work spanning a variety of subjects, highlight the latest edition of the Milestone. Editors Joan Gurfield and Susan Suntree, along with Stanley Oropesa, each contributed heartfelt tributes chronicling their personal experiences of the former English Department instructor who died Feb. 11. Gurfield wrote of the incredible dedication Lem had for the students of East…

December 5, 2012

People should not use body as canvas

By Augustine Ugalde   I’m old school. I am putting this right out there from the start so that there can be no question from where this is coming from. Am I the only person at East Los Angeles College that is disgusted with this generation’s obsession of tattooing the body? It seems that tattooing is getting out of control these days, especially with women. A day doesn’t pass that I…

November 6, 2012

Education in need of Prop 30

    By Augustine Ugalde   Much has been written and said about the virtues and shortfalls of Governor Jerry Brown’s so-called Millionaire’s Tax Initiative. Proposition 30 promises to restore the health of California’s education system by raising taxes on residents whose income exceeds $250,000 per year, and by levying an additional, quarter percent sales tax to all residents. The objective of the proposition is not complicated.  It is a…

October 30, 2012

Arias back to pursue teaching

  By Augustine Ugalde   An unyielding desire to continue pursuing his teaching career has Robert John Arias back doing what he loves for the East Los Angeles College Social Sciences department. Arias returned to teaching a full semester this fall less than a year after suffering a devastating stroke last Sept. 27. The effects of the stroke left Arias wheelchair bound and with limited movement on the left side of…

September 19, 2012

Former student transfers out-of-state due to math struggles

By Augustine Ugalde Current Arizona State University student, Anastasia Landeros is a familiar name to many journalism students and to the administrators and faculty at East Los Angeles College. Landeros first attended ELAC in 2004 at the age of 16, while still a student at Alhambra High School. Landeros transferred to an out-of-state university because of the math requirements at ELAC. “I would still be at ELAC if it wasn’t for Arizona…

May 23, 2012

Latinos lack outrage after shooting

By Augustine Ugalde Police are killing Latinos on the streets of Monterey Park and no one seems to care. The shooting of an East Los Angeles College student at the Carl’s Jr. across the street from the campus on Jan. 23 has many people wondering why this man had to die. Steven Rodriguez, 22, was shot and killed in broad daylight by two trigger-happy Monterey Park police officers for breaking a…

February 10, 2012

Holiday Season brings out the worst in people

By Augustine Ugalde The holiday season is supposed to be a happy time that some people spend in the company of family and friends to celebrate their spirituality and get closer to God. It is also the time to reflect on the past year and to bring hope for the year to come; it is a special time of year. So why does it also bring on so much stress, intolerance…

January 13, 2012