Azalea Shopping Center will benefit South Gate community

By Vanessa Meza Residents of South Gate have newly acquired Azalea Shopping Center, which will contribute to the city and benefit its residents. This new addition to the city has goals set to produce more than $165 million in the first year alone. Azalea is located in the corner intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Firestone Boulevard. Its construction began in 2012 and is nearly finished. The new shopping center will…

May 17, 2014

Students waste time, money at new shopping center

  By Sandy Gamino The Azalea shopping center, on Firestone Boulevard. and Atlantic Avenue, is an opportunity for a community to get better stores, jobs and money. Although many people might say that the shopping center is good for the city of South Gate, they aren’t thinking of the downsides it is causing the city and ELAC students at the South Gate campus. The Azalea shopping center is causing too…

May 16, 2014