Elac revives Cinco de Mayo celebration

By Ruben Hernandez  East Los Angeles College students received a taste of Mexican culture when the Cinco de Mayo celebration continued through the week. Cinco de Mayo is a traditional event commemorating the Battle of Puebla, in which the Mexicans fought the French for the occupancy of Mexico in 1862. Headlining the event were musical performances and customary dances honoring the various provinces of Mexico. ELAC’s child development center kids…

May 17, 2014

People should learn the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo

By Luis Marquez Have you ever asked yourself why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? A majority of the people would answer, “Oh, it is Mexico’s Independence Day,” but that is incorrect. A lot of people celebrate this supposed Mexican holiday but do not actually know the history behind it. Why is it important? How did it come about? It is celebrated because on May 5th,  1862 the people of Puebla,…

June 5, 2013